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GSS 2.5 - File Exception list? (pagefile.sys/hiberfil.sys etc)

Created: 19 Dec 2009

Is there a setting in Ghost Boot Wizard that would allow one to specify which files not to include in the image? I am interested in excluding hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys which, from what I've read, were not part of the images by default (at least not in the 2003 version of Ghost - see the part below). Adding a 2GB unusable file to an image makes little, if no, sense. I usually turn off the hibernation feature on the laptops but it's different with the paging file. 

Ideas would be appreciated. 
■ FAT file systems: Files are not included on the image file or destination disk.
■ NTFS file systems: A file with the same name is created on the image file or
destination disk, but the contents of the file are not copied.
The following files are skipped on all file systems:
■ 386Spart.par
■ Amizvsus.pmf
■ Dos data.sf
■ Ghost.dta
■ Hiberfil.sys
■ Hibrn8.dat
■ Hybern8
■ Navsysl.dat
■ Navsysr.dat
■ Pagefile.sys
■ Pm_hiber.bin
■ Save2dsk.bin
■ Saveto.dsk
■ Spart.par
■ Swapper.dat
■ Toshiber.dat
■ Virtpart.dat
■ Win386.swp