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GuardianEdge product?

Created: 05 Sep 2012 | 1 comment


A new customer informed our company that they encrypt their PCs using GuardianEdge encryption software and handed me a disk.  They asked that I continue to install on new/replacement PCs.  As I went looking for support I was brought to Symantec and then the road seems to sort of die out.  The links on the Symantec site for information on GuardianEdge (versions, end-of-life, etc.) are dead links.

Further investigation leads me to find that Symantec is migrating customers to it's SEE product?  Is that correct?  Is there no support for GE anymore?  This company has a LOT of installs and it's most recent published "Hardware and Software Minimum Requirements (10/17/2011)" indicates that all PCs must support GE and have GE installed.

I'm just confused.  Should I be installing GE on these PCs?  Will I be able to get support for GE anywhere?  Where.

I appreciate any guidance.


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SMLatCST's picture

GE and SEE are indeed the same product, and you can perform a direct upgrade from some of the later GE versions directly to SEE.

If you want product support however, you'll need to upgrade to SEE first, before then contacting Symantec for further support (or at least purchase a support agreement for SEE, then they may be able to help you with the upgrade).

Alternatively, you could contact a Symantec partner for aid (you can find our website via my profile, or ask Symantec to recommend one).