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Created: 20 Sep 2012 • Updated: 09 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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I have a couple of requests for assistance:

1. I have a complex FSA deployment, in so much that I have 4 File Servers each with 2 volume targets, and the Archive Points below them. Is there a query or method for me to get a list of paths from SQL or EV saying that each archive points UNC path is XYZ?

In so much that if I have:

File server 1 --> Volume A --> "Folder B" and "Folder C" Folder B is an Archive point, but Folder C is also an Archive Point and auto enables all of its sub folders. So below Folder C I have folders D-Z each as an AP.

2. More a Discovery Accelerator question.... If I am using DA to search my File System data, and using the example of FSA layout above, if I seach a higher level folder, would DA drill down in to the child Archive Points as well, or does it only do the top layer?

Thanks guys, I am a long time follower of these forums!


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So first thing with Discovery Accelerator... all it cares about is the archive and the indexes, it doesn't pay any attention to archive points

So for instance if you have an archive that looks after

Archive: MainFolder

Archive: AnotherFolder

In this case, you would have to target two archives "MainFolder" and "AnotherFolder" archive.
You couldn't, for instance, target \\fileServer\Root\ , as all EV and DA knows about is the Archive, not the folder structure (in order to be agnostic in terms of Exchange/Domino/Sharepoint/FSA etc)

As for the query, i'll see if theres anything i can knock up real quick (I don't have FSA set up anywhere for me to test, so at best it'd be psuedocode)

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I feared that you would say that about DA, but always worth checking. For the query, I would love you to get something as I am struggling to figure it out :)

Thanks again!

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Looked interesting so I thought I would have a stab as well :)

The below is the rather nasty query i came up with, but it wont work for root folders (yet). The problem is that there is a folder which basically links all archives on a volume to all folders on a volume so you end up with a matrix of results which you need to prune or you end up with lots of results. I've tried to do that by calculating the path and comparing that with the root path - if you have renamed your archives this will not work fully.

--start of script--

use EnterpriseVaultDirectory

select AF.FolderPath ,AF.FolderName, A.ArchiveName, FSE.DnsName, FSVE.VolumeName,
FSFE.FolderPath, '\\' + FSE.DnsName + '\' + FSVE.VolumeName + '\' + FSFE.FolderPath 'Path', A.ArchiveName, * from FileServerFolderEntry FSFE
--select * from FileServerFolderEntry fsfe
inner join FileServerVolumeEntry FSVE on FSFE.VolumeEntryID = FSVE.VolumeEntryID
INNER JOIN FileServerVolumeArchiveEntry FSVAE on FSVAE.VolumeEntryId = FSVE.VolumeEntryId
INNER JOIN FileServerEntry FSE on FSE.FileServerEntryId = FSVE.FileServerEntryId
INNER JOIN [Root] R on R.VaultEntryId = FSVAE.ArchiveVEID
INNER JOIN Archive A on A.RootIdentity = R.RootIdentity
INNER JOIN [Root] R2 on R2.ContainerRootIdentity = R.RootIdentity
INNER JOIN ArchiveFolder AF on AF.RootIdentity = R2.RootIdentity
where AF.ParentFolderRootIdentity is null
and ((cast(AF.FolderPath as varchar(255)) = '\\' + FSE.DnsName + '\' + FSVE.VolumeName + '\' + FSFE.FolderPath + '\' + A.ArchiveName)
OR ((cast(AF.FolderPath as varchar(255))) = '\\' +FSE.DnsName + '\' + FSVE.VolumeName + '\' + FSFE.FolderPath))

--end of script--



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thats kind of what i was going for (but not as much detail) just couldn't really find whether it was genuinely correct because i dont have any FSA targets

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The EV utility archivepoints will list your archive points for you, open a command prompt where EV is installed and something like

archivepoints find \\server\f$ > c:\temp\server-f.txt

will give you a txt list of the paths of the archivepoints on a target volume.

To keep track of FSA I like to use EV Configuration Reporter as that will list what policies are being applied to targets at any given time. A search on this site should provide a link to download the version for your version of EV.

Gavin MacKinnon