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HA/DR With Veritas Volume Replication for Windows 2003/2008

Created: 06 Nov 2013 • Updated: 25 Nov 2013 | 4 comments
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Hello House,

I am planning to install VCS 6.0  HA and DR with VVR on windows in my office.

We have two data centres (production and DR) and there will be replication from production to DR.

I have implemented similar project before on UNIX (Solaris) Global Cluster with Veritas Volume replication configured too replicating the application diskgroup

to DR cluster .

Is there any difference when doing this on windows especially on the ares below:

1> VCS Compatibitly list

2.> MPxIO /DMP

      Know DMP is enabled by default in vcs 6.0.

3.> Provisioning shared storage.  

4> heartbeat communication 

5> Installation order eg   SF, VCS, CFS/CVM, VVR and Configure only SF

   which package to be installed in which order


Operating Systems:

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Also how to configure the equivalent of :

5.Passwordless ssh for root on all cluster nodes/servers

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Best to download the Windows docs and go through Compatibility lists and Installation Guide.

SFW/HA plus VVR installs simultaneously when you enter valid license keys and select installation options in the GUI.

DMP must be selected as an option during installation.
You will be presented with a list of supported DSM modules for the different storage arrays.
MPIO must be installed/configured at OS level before SFW/HA installation.

All of this is covered in the Veritas Storage Foundation™ and High Availability Solutions Installation and Upgrade Guide.

Documentation can be found here:

Select Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability  in the Product selection.

Oh - no ssh equivalent. Install as Windows Domain Admin which will give you ability to install on all nodes simultaneously. (Also covered in Installation Guide.)

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

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Hi Ayes,

Marianne did not leave much room for other answers :-)

There is just one Installer, if you select the rght product and options then you istall all packages in one step.

Heartbeat Communcation is the same as VCS on Unix/Linux, we use LLT & GAB for local heartbeat and ICMP for the Global Heartbeat if the GCO option is used.

If you are new to Multipathing on Windows, there is one difference between W2003 and W2008. On W2003, installing SFW DMP DSM automatically installs the MPIO framework. On W2008 you have to install MPIO as a Windows Feature before you install SFW

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Many thanks to both of you .

I am indeed grateful for all these clues.