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The handle is invalid error when installing any program from CD-ROM drive

Created: 14 Apr 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments
I am getting this Windows error message: "The Handle is Invalid" anytime I try to install any software from the CD-ROM drive on any computer with Symantec Endpoint enabled.  If I disable SEP, the install (setup.exe) works fine.  I've had this problem with many different programs.
I've searched Google and this message board and haven't found anyone else with the same problem. 
Any ideas???

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Handler is invalid is  the message I got when i disabled USB devices and installation via CD-roms in the Application and Device Control policy
Check for Device control andBlocked Devices, you may have it there.
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That seems to have fixed it.  It would have been nice if it had said "content blocked by Symantec Endpoint Protection" or something like that, but, at least it's working now!  I must have forgotten that setting was checked.
Thanks for your help!
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Hello ,


How can I disable only programmes from USB to execute? Programmes from CD-ROM should work.




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In symantec endpoint protection manager console----------Policies-----------Application and Device Control.Select the policy and click Edit Policy.Go to Application Control and Uncheck Block programs from running from removable drives.


It works fine after this change.



Bill_K's picture'll get the same error ("The Handle is invalid").  This became an issue in my organization when we test encryption software that leverages an executable on encrypted USB sticks.  We turned this off but then made sure that AutoRun was disabled via Group Policy.