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A Hardware Error Has Occurred

Created: 29 Apr 2013 | 4 comments

i have a number of users in DLO that are showing the following alert in the console. A hardware error has occurred accessing "\\DLOserver\CDP01\domain-username\.dlo\usercomputer\c_\users\username\appdata\local\microsoft\outlook\[0000000000000000000000]archive.pst\Endogastric%2fGeneral Lit: 310671-200\000000009DA9A363B5C2C74DA67B6316BB79BFF4049E2500" on the file server.  7fffffff

We are running DLO on Win7, 64 bit, computers and the server is Win2008R2.

i saw answers to previous posts about this that said the Maintenance Service needs to be run as Local System. Ours is. i know i fixed this once before but i forgot what i did. i'll be sure and write it down this time.


Linda lee

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Have you made sure you don't have any hardware issues on that server?


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Not sure how to check for that. i'll pass that on to the real network people here. But i am getting a ton of ASP.NET errors in the Application Event Viewer.

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...if the media server is a branded name server like HP, IBM or Dell for instance, they have management pages installed during the initial configuration of the server. These management pages take inputs from resources like HDDs, NICs etc and report on them...this is where you'd look for any hardware faults.


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There might be an issue with the recovery key as well.

Run Data Integrity check to ensure it comes out clean. And consider creating a new NUDF for the affected users & move the user data over there. Run backups to the new NUDF and monitor for any errors.