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Hardware support for SSIM 4.8

Created: 28 Jan 2013 | 14 comments

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if everyone implementing SSIM 4.8 have an easy time looking for compatible hardware that is certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.00. The reaons that I am emphasizing the zero zero after 6 is that most hardware vendor offers drivers for Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 6.1 and above. For hardware, I am refering to RAID controllers, HBA adapters, Network Adapters (10GE, 1GE).

I see some posts to this forum and the screen shot indicate that it could be HP or Dell. I was wondering if you could share the hardware model that you are using. I check the latest DL380G7 uses a Smart Array Controller that have drivers for RHEL 6u1 and above. I have attached a screenshot to show this.

I hope Symantec could address this issue as releasing a new version of SSIM with little hardware support makes our lives as partners very difficult.

Many Thanks


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The best way to find hardware support for Redhat is to go to and either enter in RHEL6 in search terms or your preferred vendor.

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I did a lot of checking but all main stream vendors current models that are available for ordering typically support RHEL 6.1 or RHEL6u1 and above. Example HP DL380G8. If you look at the smartarray controller drives, the drivers packages are rhel6u1 and above. For HP, typically RHEL6.0 will have built-in drives for the smartarray but these are not patched. As for HBA adapters for SAN and when you see fixes that says, "if you don't apply this you may suffer data loss in a multipath environment", then you want to have it patched. The updates are rhel6u1 and above.

So there is a difference between "you can install it on this hardware and it will probably work" and "these hardware is certified to support rhel6.0".

So you get a worrying doubts that although we may install SSIM 4.8 on HPDL380G8 but you won't get a necessary patch for your adapters. That's what I am trying to get at.

Many Thanks


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After the installation SSIM 4.8 is running kernel version 2.6.32-279.1.1.el6.x86_64.

This is not the original RHEL 6.0 kernel. RHEL 6.0 came with 2.6.32-72.

You can check this by running uname -a from command line.

I created kmod packages for the cciss and hpsa driver for this kernel version.
Both packages are built from the the latest source tarballs from the below page:

Find attached hp.7z which contains the 2 driver packages for kernel 2.6.32-279.1.1.el6.x86_64.

hp.7z 395.23 KB
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Also one note:

During first boot-up from DVD the kernel 2.6.32-72 is used,

I  also build a driver disk for this kernel version, which can be loaded when using option 2 from the installation menu.

Unfortunately i'm not able to test it with a HP DL380 G7 as i don't have access to such harware.

Only was able to test this with an old G5 which I have access to and the drivers were successfully loaded.

Find attached dd.7z which contains the file dd.iso.

You can put the dd.iso file just on a USB drive.

Connect the USB drive to the appliance.

Boot DVD with option 2

Once it asks you if you have a driver disk point it to the USB drive. (In my case it was /dev/sda)

Then point to the .iso file on the USB drive.

Once it asks you if you have another driver disk, remove the USB drive to avoid that the installation process detects the USB drive as additional storage.

Then select “No” and the installation continues with the latest drivers.

the dd.iso contains the below driver versions for kernel 2.6.32-71:



If you have a G7 or G8 feel free to test it and let me know if you are able to install SSIM 4.8.

If the installation is successful and finishes, i recommend to also install the driver packages from my previous post.

dd.7z 399.13 KB
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Is it possible to have this dd.iso file in img format to mount it in HP iLO ?

It's for a P420i smart array controller on a DL380p G8


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Thank you for your help, Olaf. As always your answer rocks! Thank you.

I don't have the kit with me but the planning requires that I get hardware that is certified by HP. It does not help when RedHat list is at MRG 2.1 on RHEL 6.1. But on the practical side it should work if we can build the drivers and Proliant are reliable beasts, so not much risk there.

Also the only DL380 package that you can order now is G8. G7 supplies are really low.

Thank you


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Yeh this is annoying, I've just hit the same problem with a new Dell R720 where there are no drivers for the RAID controller, currently raising a support case but it's not loking good.

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Hi Mike,

I can look into this next week when I return from my vacation :)

What PERC controller is the Dell R720 using in your case?

Does Dell provide a source rpm package for the driver?

If they do, I should be able to build a driver disk.

From what i can tell from the Dell web-site this model should work with RHEL6.

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We've fixed the PERC controller as the OEM supplier provides a drivers for 6.0, however that just led us to the Broadcom network card (Netxtreme 5720) isn't supported in 6.0, and there's no driver for it either.

As you say, the source code should allow us to compile it, see how we get on today.  I have raised a case. If it was up to me I'd chuck in another NIC but I don't hold the casting vote.

Enjoy your holiday and stay away from work stuff!  Probably be speaking to you next week on my AD issues as well :-)

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Driver for Dell R720 and SSIM 4.8 

driver for Dell Perc H710 and Broadcom Netxtreme 5720

However It just led us to another installation problem

Broadcom 5720 342.33 KB
Dell Perc H710 mini 952.9 KB
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Can you clarify what the next problem you hit was?

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I have successfully install SSIM4.8.
after the first reboot I get the following errors:
sbin/fsck.xfs:  LABEL=evtarch does not exist
sbin/fsck.xfs:  LABEL=evtdata does not exist
Now I install ESXi 5.1 (Dell modified, official ESxi doesn't recognize Network card) and then install SSIM4.8. (VM)
It just work fine for me now. (temporary)
ESXi (Dell mod)
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You will have to install SSIM and the drivers from the physical DVD drive and set the Virtual Media in the iDrac settings to Detach.

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Hi everyone,

I'm in the same problem. I'm trying to implementing SSIM 4.8 on Dell R720 but SSIM not find the disk,

I created the disk as ZeroCool said, but even if the SSIM not found the disk. 

Anyone could help me?


Matheus Vogt Catarcione