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hastop -local -noautodisable vs hastop -local

Created: 11 May 2011 • Updated: 11 May 2011 | 1 comment
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What exactly is the difference between "hastop -local" and "hastop -local -noautodisable" ?

By that I mean, the scenario is: 

  • stop VCS and the service groups running locally on the server,
  • reboot the server,
  • after the reboot, make sure the service groups that were running before are online on the rebooted server

So does the "-noautodisable" really do anything in this scenario or is this option not needed?

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Without "noautodisable", if you offline a service group that can run on the node that you run hastop on, then you cannot online that service group unless you autoenable it.  This is because VCS cannot be certain that the service group has not been brought up on the node you have run hastop on.

So for example if you have SysA and SysB and SG1 which can run on SysA and SysB and you run hastop -local on SysA where SG1 is online.  If you now try to online SG1 on SysB, this will only work if you ran "hastop -local" with "-noautodisable".  If you did not, then you would need to run "hagrp -autoenable SG1 -sys SysA" in order to then be able to run "hagrp -online SG1 -sys SysB".

So in your scenario, it looks like you don't need "noautodisable" flag.


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