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Have error for server backup job I do not see

Created: 17 Dec 2013 | 6 comments

I have just recently upgraded a server from 2010 to 2012.

It went pretty good.

I have most the problems ironed out.

The last couple I was dealing with this morning was errors on servers saying the job failed as the job contained no valid selections.

I went through 3 of the 4 servers that error was on and added selections.

The 4th server is not in my backup list anywhere?

Is it as simple as making a new backup for that server and this error will go away or is it going to always come up if I do not modify that exact backup??

This is a client and we get reports for failed jobs and I would like to fix this so we do not get those.



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Hello,  Do you mean you do not see the 4th server under your list of Servers in the 'Backup and Restore' section?  Yes, you should be fine if you add the server and create the job for it.

Make sure all the Live Updates are run to bring Backup Exec 2012 up to its most recent Service Pack (and the remote agent pushed out to your remote servers) .

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Yea it is kind of weird.

I had it to where all servers had the nice green box and said successfull beside them but if you look at the bottom and see the red X that is for the errors there were errors there.

So i double clicked on it and it brought up a list of four servers that had the no valid selections error.

3 of them are in the list of backups and when I edited them they had nothing really selected but were saying successful?  :)

So I was going through them and adding selections to those servers and got to one that just flat is not in my list?

Could have been in the old 2010 list and did not move over ??

The only update I have not done yet is SP3.


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Well it gets better as I dig.  :)

I went to add that server so I can do a backup and it is no longer on the network.

So abvoisly doesn't need backed up.

But how do I get it out of the DB ??

Just do DB maint?


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Well, you might as well make sure you are up to sp3 installed first (if you haven't already) then go through this go through this doc to run a BE database repair.

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Well took a VM snapshot of the server first.

Right now going back to that.

Will probably take another snaphot if it works after I go back.

I applied SP3 and did a DB cleanup and backups didn't work anymore??   Guess I could have trouble shot it some more but want to have backups working.  It did switch the services login account to me?  I changed that back to the backupexec. one created and the backups still did not work.   That is something I am going to check when I get it back up.

Thinking to re-snapshot it when it is at SP2 and do the DB maint. there ??

Idea's ?


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Well probably a little combination of no patience (IT guy with no patience what a suprise) and some self inflicted job security.

The backups did start working after I got the password issue cleaned up and put back on track.

So I am back to where I started.  :)

Backups ran ok last night and the same servers give me errors saying no valid selections for them but if you go to the job history page of that server it says it backed up successfully and has a decent byte count.

So will probably just do another snap shot today and just try the DB clean up at SP2 level and see if that helps.

Unless you know of things in SP3 that address something like this direclty??