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Having problems with appdata in User_Template on SWV

Created: 10 Apr 2013 • Updated: 10 Apr 2013 | 1 comment
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I have made a sucessfull virtual package of SAS Foundation 9.2 64 bit on a Windows 7.64 bit system. Everything seems about ok except that settings in Appdata in SWV User_Template only gets into the the current loggedon user's appdata when my package gets activated. All other users that is logging into the system afterwards won't get this information populated, and if no user is logged on when the package get activated no users get thoose settings. I tought that the whole idea about User_Template was to get default settings into all the users on a machine?

Does anyone have an idea about this problem? I have tried this on several machines in our testlab without success and i need a solution or a workaround.

Found an old article in the forums about working intensions of User_Template:

SVS copies the USER_TEMPLATE when these events occur:

  1. At the end of capture mode
  2. When a new user logs on for the first time and there is no profile for the user
  3. When a layer is activated and there is no profile for the currently logged on user
  4. When a layer is reset, the currently logged on user's profile is recreated in the writeable sub layer from USER_TEMPLATE

I can see all the files and folders i put inn under User_Template - Appdata in RO layer. So i know they are in the correct spot.

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Verify that they are not added in the delete list.

Did you export the layer; from the computer you performed the snabshot on without the RW layer?

Also make sure it's not refering to the appdata path somewhere in the registry as "USER_TEMPLATE:APPDATA" which it sometimes confusingly does.