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Having trouble with remote install of Symantec Management Agent 7.1 on PC

Created: 23 Sep 2013 • Updated: 24 Sep 2013 | 4 comments

HI all,

I was wondering if anyone knows what needs to be turned on/off on a machine in order to successfully push out the agent remotely. 

So far, I know that:

- you need to be able ping the machine

- Windows Firewall needs to be turned off

Is there anything else that needs to be configured/enable/disabled in order for it to work? 

Alot of the times what has been happenning is that after remotely installing the agent, the Symantec Management Agent Install log will report the installation as "Successful".  However, when looking at the list of computers in the inventory, the machine will still be reported as not having the agent still.  The best way for me to tell that the agent was not installed successfully even though it is reported as installed, is that the machine will not have and IP address assigned to it

P.S. - Just checked the logs, and 2 machines (one earlier this morning, the other just a little bit ago) that have had this problem are now reported as actually having the agent now. They have IP Addresses now.  If anyone could help me figure this out that would be great.

Any help would be great!

Thanks alot

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cparkITSPartners's picture

Are you using RAAD to connect to the machines you are having a problem with to determine the install state?  I would suggest that the installtion is successful, but possible not sending a basic inventory to the SMP?  Maybe the NSE's on the SMP are processing, but very slowly?

TWillis64's picture

That might be it (which would explain why some machines suddenly have it), but still looking into it.  Also, in regards to my first question, I read in Symantec Managment Platform 7.1 Administration: Book 1, in Lesson 6, it says "Before starting a manual push installation, you must select the computers to receive the agent installation and ensure they meet the prerequisites needed to install Symantec Management Platform." My big question is, what are the prerequisites needed to install SMP on machines?  Does anyone have any documentation on these needed prerequisites that I can refer to? Thanks for the help so far cpark.

TWillis64's picture

Thanks, I think that helped some. If you do find the docs that deal specifically with this, please post. Thanks again!