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HCART confusion

Created: 16 Dec 2012 | 6 comments

Hi Guys,

i have LT0 & LTO3 drives in my environment but in the storage unit groups if i drop down the density it only shows HCART & HCART3 no it correct ??

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In storage unit groups there is no place to drop down the density. Please clarify with screenshot?

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Storage Unit Groups don't have densities. It allows you to group existing STU's.

When you config STU's, you will be presented with densities that match your device config.

I agree - please post screenshots.

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Sounds correct to me, if you look in your storage units, if you have used default names, I bet that the only tape storage units listed show hcart and hcart3.

Therefore these will be the only ones available in STU groups.


Regards,  Martin
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In any case HCART / HCART2 and HCART3 have no relation to LTO / LTO2 and LTO3

The HCART reference is merely a NetBackup "density" that can be used to allow you to differentiate between different tape types

There is no actual link betweek the density numbers and the LTO numbers

As an example, we currently have LTO5 tapes and LTO6 will be coming out soon - but NetBackup only goes from HCART to HCART3 so if you really wanted to use a different denisty for each tape type you would need to use something else - such as DLT or DLT2 - and that is fine as long as you also set the denisty of your tape drive to match

Hope all this makes sense and helps answer your query

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Bumping thread.

We are using LTO4 tapedrives with density of hcart2 and is going to change to LTO6 drives.

My question is do we have to use the density hcart2 to be able to read the LTO4 tapes in the new LTO6 drives?

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Unless you're intending to keep the LTO4 (hcart2) drives then your new LTO6 drives will also need to be hcart2 in order for NetBackup to recognise the fact that there are suitable (hcart2) drives available to allow them to be mounted.

If your LTO4 media is likely to be phased out &/or only be utilised infrequently for restores, it may be worth having the new LTO6 drives at a different 'density' (hcart3) & only changing one as & when there is a restore requirement. This will ensure there is absolutely no likelihood of an LTO4 tape being mounted in an LTO6 drive for the purposes of a backup.