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Hello Guys How are you

Created: 03 Apr 2014 | 6 comments

Hello Guys

How are you all today and how is your family, its been a while hope you guys are good.

Please I would like you to help me out, for like 3 days I can't backup its telling me Job queued up although

I have been backing up manually before this issue start and yesterday I did the auto backup and is still the same thing, so I want you to help me out. if you check very well I keep a job on hold because the schedule is duplicate. all i want is how can i stop this queued job, i don't want it to repeat it self again.

please i need reply now. there is a sreen shot attached please find it and view. thanks

Best Regard,

Uncle T.

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right-click the job and choose "Respond to Alert". It' s probably going to tell you that there is no available tape in the drive (appendable or overwritable) so you need to make sure you have a useable tape.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Hello Uncle T,

Apart from responding to alert, I also see that one of the Backup Exec services has stopped. Could you also click on Tools > Backup Exec Services and restart all the services? 


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Ya, that'd be my first guess - check for crashed services, or an alert asking for a tape.

Resist the tempation to reboot the server until you have found the root cause. :)

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Hello Uncle T,

 Install any Live updates that are available and run a push install to the remote servers to keep everything at the same version level.

also try recreating the job 

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Thanks guyz i reall appreciate, but i dnt know why d backup don't pick the tape when doing the backup scan, when i get to office the next i find it on queue and i also if i do a manual backup and i click run now may be 6pm if i get to office the next day it will still be running the backup but if i use the schedule policy of the company for the backup it will just back it up lets say 8pm till 1am. so my question is if i want to scedule the backup to run now how will i configure the time i want it to stop backup. thanks i realy apreciate you guyz, you are the best.

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See if this is what you are looking for\

Check Windows Event System logs for errors and check the properties of your tape drive to make sure it is using Symantec Drivers - if it isnt then use tapeinst.exe to install them.