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Help on BU2010 Media ID and GUID Information

Created: 12 Sep 2013 | 2 comments


We suspect someone may have taken 1 or 2 full series of tapes we used to use.  We had (5) tape series, each about 15 tapes labaeled A, B, C, D, E

We do not have the physical tapes for Series A or B

I would like to know how we can tell if any of the A or B tapes were actually reused instead of being missing?  I looked through SQL report and found the media ID and GUID of all of our tapes and dont find any that match but something interesting I did find is it shows multiple tapes for things like Set A Tape 1.  I will copy and paste.

What does this mean having multiple data for the same tape name?

1041 74f7277f-2cd0-4dee-8942-ebc929bd860e Set A - Tape 1
1063 98a55350-35ec-47d1-bebb-30eb25510a35 Set A - Tape 1
1001 a0a88292-2199-4692-80c2-02dd0b4efa98 Set A - Tape 1
1008 bf9815e1-a4fd-4b24-8df7-d6c2d7b4efd5 Set A - Tape 1
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The GUID of a tape is unique. What you have pasted shows that 4 different physical tapes have the same tape label

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Is that field Tape/media names or the Media Descriptions - only reason I ask is I was not aware a tape name could have a space in it however the description field can and decriptions are not held through overwrite operations so will be changed by the job during an overwrite and could therefore be the cause of having lots of tapes with the same description (especially as tapes can move between media sets as needed for overwrite operations)

Tape labels/names are usually (but not always) barcodes and should be unqiue. Media decriptions are not necessarily unqiue

You can change the media description overwrite behaviour using

If you need to stop tapes moving between media sets however you may have to look at Library Partitioning

EDIT: Hmm looks like you can use spaces in a media label/name, as such you probably do have multiple tapes with the same label.