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Help building a custom report (WinXP SP2 systems with 1GB+ Free Space)

Created: 16 Apr 2012 | 3 comments

Good morning everyone.  I am currently working on a filter in our NS 7.1 to show systems that are running Windows XP SP2 and that have 1GB of free hard drive space (since this i what is needed to preform a SP3 upgrade).  I have the following query that does seem to filter the systems, but instead of the traditional view of Name, Domain, User, OS Name, OS version, etc etc.  I would like it to just show the OS Revision, Free Space, and the name of the system.  When I run a sql query directly against the database I get the desired results but when i paste that query into NS I get the result but not the correct view.  Here are some examples:

  vri1_Computer.Guid As _ResourceGuid,
  [dca2_AeX AC Identification].[OS Revision],
  Inv_HW_Logical_Disk.[Free Space (Bytes)],
  [dca2_AeX AC Identification].Name
  vRM_Computer_Item As vri1_Computer Inner Join
  Inv_AeX_AC_Identification As [dca2_AeX AC Identification]
    On vri1_Computer.Guid = [dca2_AeX AC Identification]._ResourceGuid
  Inner Join
  Inv_HW_Logical_Disk On [dca2_AeX AC Identification]._ResourceGuid =
  [dca2_AeX AC Identification].[OS Revision] = 'Service Pack 2' And
  Inv_HW_Logical_Disk.[Free Space (Bytes)] >= 1181116006 And
  Inv_HW_Logical_Disk.Name = 'c:' And
  vri1_Computer.IsManaged = 1 And
  vri1_Computer.ResourceItemDeleted = 0 And
  [dca2_AeX AC Identification].[OS Name] Like N'Microsoft Windows XP%' And
  Inv_HW_Logical_Disk.[Logical Disk Type] = 3

But when I do the same query in NS I get this:

I would like the fields under filter membership that has Name, Domain, User etc to reflect the first image above.

Any help would be appreciated!

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You created a filter, not a report.  A filter with computers as members is going to show that Name, Domain, User, OS Name, etc information by default.  This cannot be changed.

A report lets you display the columns you want.  You should create a report if you need to show folks the free disk space.

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Ok..was so a Homer Simpson moment.  :)

I just need a way to filter the system so I know which computers to target for a scripted install of SP3

Let me give that a go....


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Just create a new SP2 filter using the fields in the screenshot. You can then apply your job to that filter.

Or you can enter the SQL

   [vRM_Computer_Item] AS [vri1_Computer]
      LEFT OUTER JOIN [Inv_AeX_AC_Identification] AS [dca2_AeX AC Identification]
         ON ([vri1_Computer].[Guid] = [dca2_AeX AC Identification].[_ResourceGuid])
         ([dca2_AeX AC Identification].[OS Revision] LIKE N'%Service Pack 2%')

Also, another handy link :