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Help with client deployment and custom packages

Created: 10 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment

I'm regretting the fact that we upgraded to v11 but that's not the issue here.
I'm trying to create custom packages (desktops get ONLY antivirus/spyware) while laptops get everything.
I tried creating a "Custom Install package" but it doesnt know where to find the .info file. I can remove the default but then I get an error message saying the package is applied to all group. I've followed step-by-step on how to create the custom settings and features but nothing seems to work.

I went ahead and used the migration wizard to create packages but it still refuses to install network thread for my laptops. All i get is antivirus and proactive threat. Nothing seems to be working and I'm getting furious. A call into tech support has me listening to Elvis and old songs for the past 20 minutes!

Any help is appreciated!

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Paul Murgatroyd's picture
ok, so lets just confirm the process that is *meant* to work...
This will create us packages for both laptops and desktops:
1. In the SEPM, click Admin, then click Install Packages
2. Ensure that Client Install Packages is selected in the left pane
3. On the right hand side, click the version of the software you want installed (32/64 bit, etc. MR1 will also be visible if you have upgraded) then right click it and click Export
4. In the export dialogue box, enter or browse to and select a folder you want to export the client to (if the folder doesn't exist you will be prompted to create it).  Select whether or not you want a single EXE installation.
5. Select the Installation settings from the drop down list - this controls how you want the installation to proceed - silently, with a reboot or not, etc.  Unless you have created any customised options you will have one option "Default Client Installation Settings" - select that
6. Select the features you want to use in the package - for the laptops, select "All features..." and for the desktop package, select "AntiVirus, AntiSpyware and Proactive Threat Scan"
7. Select to export a package to connect to a specific group and select the group where you want to place the client package you are exporting
8. Ensure that computer mode is selected at the bottom of the dialog, then click OK
This will export a single package (unless you selected multiple groups) to the location you specified - you can then use this to install the software on your computers.
Please note that the Network Threat Protection component WILL REQUIRE a reboot before it becomes functional and listed in the GUI - this is to install the teefer driver.  Just AV, AS and PTS will not.
If you are still having problems after those instructions, please let us know what is happening differently.

Paul Murgatroyd
Principal Product Manager, Symantec Endpoint Protection
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