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Help configuring Netbackup with NDMP/SAN/SAS

Created: 31 Oct 2012 | 9 comments

I am looking for some help configuring a Netbackup 7.5 install to do a n NDMP backup over SAN.
I have a Redhat Enterprise 6u3 media/master server running Netbackup 7.5 with the update. I have an Oracle/Storagetek SL-48 library with 4 LTO5 drives attached via SAS to the server. I am backing up a single Netapp filer with about 25TB in 22 volumes. Both the server and the filer have fiber channel HBAs and are connected to a Brocade SAN switch. Both are connected to the network via 1GB copper connections.
Backups are working, but are not using the SAN connections. I believe that I need to have the Shared Storage Option to do NDMP via a SAN. I had that on a previous install, but was told I didn't need it for a single server install. I believe that I do need SSO, but would like to confirm that before I repurchase the license.
I would like to confirm that I can do NDMP backups over the SAN with the SAS drives I have. I have considered attaching the library to the filer, but I believe that disallows the use of DAR. Any advice on the bast way to configure this is appreciated.
I was doing NDMP backups via SAN on my older Solaris 10/Netbackup 6.5 with 4 LTO3 fiber drives in a Storagetek SL500 library.


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jim dalton's picture

Scope for confusion here for sure, but here goes with what I do, apologies if this is at a tangent.

My tape drives are zoned in over the brocade to my filer...therefore the filer has locally attached drives, over SAN. (They are also zoned to my other media servers: thats SSO, but if solely to filer, then not SSO).

So you need to config your stunit for the drives on the filer ( you also need to enable ndmp, have an ndmp account/ know that I guess).

So on your filer:

ontap>storage show tape

will display your tape drives: no drives? Then the data has to go over the network.

and  from netbackup master

set_ndmp_attr -verify <your-filer>

will verify connectivty.

Then use the new stunit in your policy and the data goes to the locally attached drives.

The bit that confuses me a bit is the SAS drives to the server...which server? Suspect the master or some other media server...the drives need to be visible to the filer, otherwise the data goes via the network so much slower, as you describe.

Any clearer? Hope so!


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The SAS drives to the server refers to the all-in-one media/master server. The SAS drives need to connect to something. They can't connect to the SAN switch the way that my old fiber drives could, so they have to connect to either the server or the filer. Connecting to the filer would be inconvenient (the filer is in another building). Without SSO, I seem to be limited to passing data through the network while connected to the server. My preference is to use the SAN, but the switch doesn't see the drives via the SAN.

I know about the zoning requirements. NDMP is enabled on the filer and tpautoconf -verify shows a successful connection. On the filer, storage show tape shows the old library when the drives are in the filer zone, nothing if they are not in the zone. The new library doesn't show up at all, which makes sense since it is connected to the server.

Would adding the SSO license allow me to see the new library via the media/master server connection to the SAN?

Am I going to need to attach the library to the filer and use direct NDMP to get a decent speed out of this?

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First of all, SSO does not provide such functionality which provide tape devices attatched only to the server against NDMP host. To backup data on filer via SAN, you need to attach tape drives to the filer and configure direct NDMP.

Authorized Symantec Consultant(ASC) Data Protection in Tokyo, Japan

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You might want to look into configuring Remote NDMP p.69 of the 7.5 NDMP Admin Guide.  Be careful with step 3 as this is confusing.  But based upon what you have described if you have an NDMP license this should work.  Contrary to what has been stated you do NOT need to have a direct connection between the tape drives and the filers.  I have actually done this with a Spectra Logic going to a remote media server (a Winblows machine) using a Netapp and it works without SSO.  Does need an NDMP license though.  Hope this helps. -- mig

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I would say the pertinent point here is hinted on by myself, yasuhisa and indeed the originator...without direct attached drives this will be limited by your network connection, which depending on how its connected may also impede your clients with the same connection being used for client data and backup. That 1Gbit network will be feeding 4  LTO5 drives. LTO5 can take 140MByte/sec each , raw.

 My LTO4 come with 4Gbit gbics so LTO5 you can imagine will benefit from the same or better ie for one drive alone the data network is not even providing 25% of the bandwidth. You know this already I think.

I drew myself a picture: I can see what you are trying to achieve: data goes from filer via switch into server and out thro SAS to tape. I think the issue is there is no storage unit directly configured on the filer so the filer cant access it: the filer has no tape drives and it cant have any: the tape drives arent fibre attached.

Youre trying to tell the filer that theres tape drives on the server it can being point to point the logic only goes as far as the server  seeing the filer . I suppose you could map the luns..then you'd be presenting the luns to the tape via the host....but then it wouldnt be ndmp. I'm rambling!

Does your filer have an external SAS interface? If so and this is the only user of drives, attach to robot/drives . You could share drives if its a requirement and a physical capability eg 3 to filer, 1 to master.

I dont believe this direct arrangement would restrict use of DAR.


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I might add, its unclear if the Filer will be able to control the robotics....tape devices...yes, robotics...might need to be done by the master, which may not be possible with the hardware in question ie if the robotics and tape are done via one physical connection.


Yasuhisa Ishikawa's picture


NetBackup can control robotic devices which is attached to NDMP hosts(Filer) if correctly configured.
Master server access is not necessary.

Authorized Symantec Consultant(ASC) Data Protection in Tokyo, Japan

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Good to know that Yasuhisa. We just need to know from slane where this is heading.