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Help- HeartBeat Interval

Created: 23 Jan 2013 • Updated: 24 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


Latest version of SEP 12.1.2015


In the Client tab, right hand side, Policies. Define your Heartbeat interval. I define one for each location, you dont need to tell a client thats outside to phone home every xxx minutes, to cut down on the chatter. So i wish to seperate out Heartbeats for inside and outside..Whenever i make a change to one, it reflects on the other...What am i missing here...Hopefully nothing obvious...

Testing out a few things and it works in 11.x for example I can set One location to have Heartbeat XX and another Location to have Heartbeat YY

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You need to break inheritance on the groups so you assign individual policies/settings.

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Brian- thanks for the reply (appreciate it)

I did this initially, as this SEPM group will house MAC systems. So PI has been removed..

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By doing this, you can change settings on one group without affecting the others.

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You still can do it - under each location -> Setting for Location Internal or External go under Location specific settings -> Communication Settings: Group Pull -> and here you can set up the heartbeat for each location separately.

Thats probably the way you do it - there is only one thing missing to it:

- first click on the Communications setting (under each location) -> Tasks and deselect "Use group communications Settings" - this will allow to set each location separately

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Thanks guys for replying.

@ Sebastian- You da man. Thats the one i was looking for,,,,

This is what happens when you live nothing but PKI for 2years...

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Glad to help :D I admit this option could have been placed in a more intuitiv/visible spot on the GUI.