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HELP! How do I Restore a .V2I file using symantec ghost 10.5 ?

Created: 26 Dec 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment

I'm kinda in a wierd situation at work, where someone ghosted a machine and it created a .V2I file. All I have is Symantec Ghost 10.5 to try and restore it, but I don't have any luck at all. I tried creating the boot disc, but when loading the .V2I file. It just errors out.


Can someone explain to me What I need to do with ghost 10.5 to load an image in the .V2I format?


I'm lost and this has become a priority here at work. Please help me.

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Can you please clarify on few things:


1. There arent no such thing as ghost 10.5. There is ghost 11.0.x (GSS 2.0) and Ghost 11.5.x (GSS 2.5). Prior to that there was Ghost 8.3 (GSS 1.1).

2. If someone has created V2I image that this was clearly not taken with "Classic Ghost" but rather with PowerQuest technology that was rebranded as "Norton Ghost for consumers".


Now, if you have V2i and you have Ghost 11.5 you can restore you V2I image. Classic Ghost that comes with Ghost Solution Suite (or Ghost for Enterprises) can restore those image via V2iDiskLib.dll library. You'll need to find this lib either in \windows\system32 or in \program files\symantec\ghost folder and manually copy it to the same place where you are running ghost32.exe from. You can only deploy V2i images from Windows or Winpe environment.


Hope this helps.