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Help with Hyper-V agents and backup architecture

Created: 19 Aug 2013 | 1 comment


We're migrating to Symantec BE 2012 from Microsoft DPM and we have some questions:

1. For our Hyper-V servers, should we be doing full backups on the parent to capture the hosted servers, or should we be installing agents on all the hosted servers and backing them up individually? I'm worried about getting good backups, and increasing our backup window by duplicating data sets. Are there pros and cons?

2. How do we keep BE from backup up Hyper-V replica servers/VHDs? Do we use exclusions, or is there a more elegant way to do it?

3. What we'd like to do, ultimately, is backup our environment to shared storage, then save a slice of that to a USB drive we can take off site. I don't want the whole weeks worth of data, I just want one good, restorable cross-section for DR that we can keep off-site. What's the best way to do that?

4. Is there a best practice about using BE to make virtualized versions of servers as part of the regular backup process?

Thank you!

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1. You just need to backup the host and include the hosted servers.  You would need to install RAWS on the hosted servers and you would be able to restore individual items from this backup.  You do not need to do another backup of the hosted server.

2.  I don't understand your question?  What replica servers are you talking about?

3. You would need to take a full backup off-site if you want to minimise the amount of data to take.  You can include a duplicate stage to your job to duplicate the backup sets from your local storage to the USB disks.

4. With BE 2012, you can include a stage to convert your backup of physical machines to VM's.