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Help me to fix the error 130

Created: 25 Jun 2007 • Updated: 14 Dec 2010 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.
  We have a client (Solaris OS) configured to take backup on a master Server. Backup policy configured to take  backup with multiple streaming... So all the backup stream getting passed except one backup steam with a path /opt/report/message/value/.......... (like this the path keep on going and end with some set of files). At last it start to skip the files on those file paths like,
ERR - Skipping long file path  /opt/report/message/value/........
ERR - Skipping long file path  /opt/report/message/value/........
ERR - Skipping long file path  /opt/report/message/value/........
FTL - terminated by signal 11
backup of client corporate.vir exited with status 130 (system error occurred).
 Due to those file system , the other files and folders under /opt/report also backing up but not updating in the catalog (because of the whole stream getting failed.)
 Pls anybody give me the idea how to fix this issue.

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Hi Rockey,
I think the Maxium Path length in Solaris is 1024 characters...Is your path longer than this?
# egrep MAXPATHLEN /usr/include/sys/param.h
 * MAXPATHLEN defines the longest permissible path length,
#define MAXPATHLEN      1024
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could you post the bpbkar log file and run the following command

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpbkar -nocont DIRECTORY > /dev/null against the directory where the file resides.

The above command will cause bpbkar to read the directory and write the output to /dev/null instead of disk or tape

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STATUS CODE: 130 occurs when backing up a VERITAS File System (tm) directory that is mounted on a non-File System filesystem using ACLs.

Exact Error Message<32> bpbkar: FTL - terminated by signal 11<16> bpbkar: ERR - bpbkar FATAL exit status = 130: system error occurred<4> bpbkar: INF - EXIT STATUS 130: system error occurred


Overview: Filesystem backups can fail on a client when a File System filesystem is mounted on a non-File System filesystem that is using Access Control Lists (ACLs).  This issue will cause the client to fail with a Status 130 (system error occurred). The bpbkar log on the client will show the Status 130, but will not list any specific error messages to indicate the underlying cause of the failure. The bpbkar log should show that the backup fails consistently when trying to back up a File System filesystem.  If this is seen in the logs, then check the filesystem that contains the mount point to see if it is a non-File System filesystem using ACLs. When a File System filesystem is mounted on a non-File System filesystem that uses ACLs, the ACL information can contain garbage text that will be read by the aclstrlen call and trigger a Status 130. For example, if /usr is a non-File System mount point that uses ACLs, then any File System filesystem mounted on /usr can cause the backup to fail with a Status 130. Troubleshooting: Use the ls -l command to determine if any ACLs have been set for the directories underneath the File System filesystem mount point. A "+" character will appear after the permissions on the file or directory. Traverse the path to the mount point and see if ACLs are in use. # ls -l / drwxr-xr-x+ 35 root  sys  1024 Aug 18 17:10 /usr For additional information on ACLs, consult the Operating System man pages. Use either of the following OS commands to find system man pages that contain information on ACLs: # man -k acl # apropos acl The list of man pages returned will vary between operating systems. Master Server Log Files:  n/a Media Server Log Files:  n/a Client Log Files:   The /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bpbkar/log.<date> file will show a Status 130. There will be no specific cause for the error in the bpbkar log. However the failure will consistently occur on a File System filesystem. <4> bpbkar: INF - Processing /usr/sap/APD <4> bpbkar: INF - VxFS filesystem is /usr/sap/APD for /usr/sap/APD <32> bpbkar: FTL - terminated by signal 11 <16> bpbkar: ERR - bpbkar FATAL exit status = 130: system error occurred <4> bpbkar: INF - EXIT STATUS 130: system error occurred Resolution: The problem may occur when a File System filesystem is specified in the file list and it is mounted below a non-File System file system directory that has ACLs. An Access Control List (ACL) stores a series of entries that identify specific users or groups and their access privileges for a directory or file. Excluding the filesystem from the backup will allow the backups to complete successfully. This will only affect the backup of the File System filesystem. The formal resolution to this problem will be included in the NetBackup (tm) 5.1 Maintenance Pack 4 release. To download these NetBackup 5.x updates when they become available, visit the Support Web site:

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    Yes the folder is more than 1024 charaters., Is Veritas Netbackup will not backup up the file path which contains more than 1024? so as it is skipping that long file path name...
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From SysAdmin Guide Vol1 under chapter Managing Backup Policies, look at section Rules for Backup File Paths (in 5.x) or rules for Backup File Paths (in 6.0) -
NetBackup supports a maximum path length of 1023 characters on UNIX clients.
Only alternate I can suggest, use Exclude list to exclude these directories/files from backup.
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Hi Ray,
That's right, check out Rakesh's response above. You could backup these files by copying then to a different location before the backup process, with a shorter path.
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Thanks Rakesh, You are correct . We minimized the path , now backup stream is running fine for that path.