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Help me with my Upgrade strategy

Created: 23 Jul 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments
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So we're currently running BackupExec 9 and I need to upgrade to 12.  The server is 64-bit capable and I'd love to rebuild the server from scratch with Windows 2003 64-bit and put on the 64-bit version of BackupExec.


So, I've found a Symantec document on how to use BEMIG to migrate between two servers and I've put together the following plan.


Can somebody please go over my logic and make sure this will work correctly.

  1. Upgrade to Backup Exec 10 demo.  Have to do this because I can not upgrade directly from 9 to 12.
  2. Copy off the database files (mdf & ldf)
  3. Copy off the catalog files
  4. Rebuild server using Windows 2003 64-Bit
  5. Install Backup Exec 12 64-bit
  6. Follow Symantec document
    a. Stop SQL
    b. Restore database files, overwriting current ones (mdf & ldf)
    c. Restore catalog files, overwriting current ones
    d. Modify the registry, put Backup Exec into Upgrade mode
    e. Start SQL
    f.  Use osql to change name of server in database
    g.  Run BEMIG

Does that look good?  Am I missing anything?

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Steve W.'s picture

That all looks good, One additional piece is to update the Catalog folder once you put it in place using the following steps.

-Stop Backup Exec Services

-Rename the existing Catalog folder to Catalog.old

-Copy in the Catalog folder from 9.1/10d

-Open Command line

-Navigate to C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\

-type "catrebuildindex -r" (no "" )

-This could take a few minutes depending on how large you catalog folder is.



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NNellans's picture

Thanks for the reply.


But at what point do I do the catalog index rebuild?  After I complete all of step 6 in my list?

Steve W.'s picture

After you have put the Database in place and ran BEMIG. 

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Thanks, you da man!  Or woman.  Not really sure :smileytongue:

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I need to do this!  But, where can I get BE 10 demo?

Kevin Cotreau's picture

You can download 10d here:


It is not technically a demo. Like all BE products, it is the full program, but you would need to enter the licence keys to use it permanently. The difference is that demo products usually have to be uninstalled. Of course, I realize that you are not going to keep version 10d, but I wanted to mention this as general information for all versions.