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Help with Netbackup v7.1.04 backing getting hung

Created: 16 Jul 2012 | 2 comments

Hello Everyone,

We're currently on Netbackup v7.1.0.4. As of last week one of our Server 2003 clients keeps getting hung up when trying to back it up. The backup policy has 6 other clients but this one is the only one with this problem. We are using VSS for the backups and selecting All_Local_Drives. I tried a few different things to test VSS and it seems ok. NT Backup works fine on the server but even after completely removing the client and then installing it again the issue is the same. We get no error message because the job always stays in an active state. Any ideas on what might be happening here? Thank you SH

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I would use the procedure as described here :

Likely the backup hang at the same spot (same KB/number of files) every time. The Technote will help you find witch file/catalog is the culprit.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES with or without 'Allow multiple data streams' in policy attributes?

Is anything actually written before backup backup hangs?

If 'Allow multiple data streams' is selected, you should be able to pinpoint the drive letter causing the problem. Please only make this change when a full backup is due.

Please also ensure bpfis log folder exist along with bpbkar log (as per Nicolai's post).

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