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Help with Offhost Backup

Created: 18 Sep 2012 • Updated: 19 Sep 2012

I need help because I just cant seem to get this working.

Here is the setup:
I have two servers clustered together via Windows 2008 R2 connected via fiber channel to a HP P2000 MSA array. The cluster is working fine. I have the Backup Exec (version 2010 r3) client installed on the cluser. I also have the HP vss provider installed on the cluster servers.
THe BE server is also connect via fiber to the MSA array. The BE server also has the HP vss provider installed. I have installed the adv. disk based backup option license. The BE server is running Win 2008 R2. All servers are up to date with hotfixes and service packs. The BE server is not in the cluster.

The situation:
The cluster host a medical application and medical images. The cluster has a couple of cluster volumes hosted on the MSA array. I want to use the ADBO / Offhost backup to take a snapshot of the CVs via the HP vss provider, mount the snapshot to the BE server, back it up, then unmount the snapshot; basically do what I understand ADBO / Offhost backup to do. This is just an app / file server with no database. I have not tried the SQL cluster yet because I am just trying to get a filesystem backup working first.

The problem:
Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to set this up? I think I have everything in place but I get run a test job to backup just the app csv the job fails. I have the ADBO options set to "use the hardware provider", "fail the bacup job" if something goes wrong, and "process the volumes on at a time".
The errors I get are v-79-32772-8974 "other errors" - I searched and the note that came up had something to do with exchange servers and db locations; this is not an exchange server
I also get v79-10000-11225 "vss snapshot error" "select another provider.." THe only provider is the HP vss for the MSA array which I thought is a requirement
Another error in the job log under exceptions is v-79-57344-34108 - "unexpected error when cleaning up snapshots..." From the MSA console I dont even see anything indicating that the BE server created, initiated, or tried deleting anything. I dont think the job gets this far.

Again, if someone can provide some more detail to the documents I am finding on the web about how to set this up. From the BE manual I think I have everyhing in place but I do have one question. The requirement: "Ability to access the disks that are shared between the media server and the remote computer" has me puzzled. Does this mean that the cluster volumess have to also be mounted on the BE server?
I have tried this. I presented the cluster volumes to the BE server via mapping from the MSA console. The BE server boots extremely slowly, the BE services dont start on boot, BE seems to take a lot longer doing things like opening the properties on a job. When I try to run the test job it still fails. I dont think this is right. Probably has something to do with the cluster nodes controlling the volumes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This does not seem like this should be this hard to setup.