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Help with Paretologic

Created: 21 Nov 2010 | 12 comments

I need help.  After loading Paretologic for free  - I can no longer use my browser and computer is so slow as to time out.  I have uninstalled the free product and gone to scheduled tasks and deleted.

What else should I do?

What an awful product!

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Users on Safeweb report Paretologic programs as harmful or useless.

Check your to see if your browsers proxy settings have beeen changed.

I would download the latest definitions for your AV and run a full scan in Safe-mode.

If that fails to find the threat, you might try our Norton Power Eraser tool.

Please keep us posted on your situation.

Good luck,


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Hi Hockeygal,

Can you give us an update on your issue?



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I agree with Hockeygal.. Terrible product.  It was downloaded free, but can't be used after scan, unless purchased.  Came up everytime, computer went on line , froze everything, and couldn't get out until cleared tasks.  Very annoying.  slowed computer after uninstalling, it has been much better.  This should not be part of the Norton download.

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@ MimiK, Paretologic is not part of a Norton Download. If you are getting this with Norton, then I suspect you are downloading Norton from a non-trusted website. You should only download our product from the Symantec website.


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The paretologic icon showed up mysteriously on my wifes computer 3 days ago..

She hasnt downloaded anything and has Norton set to auto update and allows it to run its scans regularly. why didnt it find it?

Im very disappointed with Norton at this point.

I ran Norton in safe mode and it showed no problems. It didnt find the problem.. Then the Norton tech ran eraser and determined that Her Photoshop program was infected with something and possibly two other programs that she has used regularly that dont have any contact with the internet or with files from the internet. Which still didnt identify that she had this Paretologic program on her comp.. Whats up with that NORTON?

She had to delete the Photoshop and she still has this piece of garbage "file cure" icon on her taskbar and she also has the "Paretologic" icon on the desktop.

I dont know what this is but I would consider its a keylogger or whatever other spyware junk you can imagine.

I havent been able to find any info about it besides this post here on the Norton site.

The Norton tech offered to help via a 100 dollar an hour fee.

Im wondering if maybe this isnt a way for Norton to make extra money...........

Come on guys.. Ive paid for the service... We keep our comps updated and scanned.. How bout a little help here instead of trying to milk more money out of us. This is very frustrating... She works extra hard on staying away from the possiblity of this happening. Hence purchasing Norton's AV products.

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The reason Norton did not find it is because this is a new threat or a new variant of an existing one.

There is no one AV product that will catch 100% of threats 100% of the time.

Here is a good article that may help shed some light on the subject.

As a next step, I would try running the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.

Note:You will need your product key or PIN in order to use the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.

If that fails, then I would try the Microsoft Malicious removal tool..

If possible, please submit a sample for analysis.

Keep us updated on your situation.



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In speaking with my wife a bit more the she said the icon (file cure = Paretologic) appeared after the last incident she had with the Norton tech.

So far she has had two attempts at trying to fix this.

Did per chance the Norton tech install this on the comp?

My immediate response to my own question is No.. but Id like to make sure..

Why would a Norton Tech install a different AV program? Right?

Is this a bonifide AV program?  (Paretologic) that is..

Im reading how ppl are actually buying this program so Im confused..

Any help would be appreciated.. I wont be able to follow through with your suggestions immediately but I will give them a try when I can.. Thanks...

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Norton would never install any other product on your computer. May I ask what number are you using when calling for support. Can you PM (send a private message) with the Norton Tech's full name?

I am not familiar with Paretologic product, but after reading user reviews of the product, I would stay away if it was my system.

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Ok.. In doing a bit more research.............

The program was inadvertantly installed on her computer when she clicked a link that was inbedded in an email that was sent to her by a friend. This was a link to a supposed website that had to do with some kind of home party this gal was hosting. Supposedly offering the products that were for sale at the party.

Ive tryed to restore her system which is a no go at any restore point... also I tryed to disable the program on start up in msconfig which is also a no go.

I downloaded malwarebytes but the program is at least a year old and does not recognize paretologic as malware..

I cannot uninstall paretologic using the windows add and remove option as it doesnt register there and since it magically appeared Im thinking its definately some kind of malware or keylogger...

We immediately diconnected her computer from the internet and we are going to take it to a tech who will wipe and reinstall windows..

At this moment in time Im thinking of dicontinuing the use of Norton and going to a different AV program..

We spend alot of money every year to keep this all current.. I know Norton cant stop everything out there..

But 100 dollars an hour is not something Im going to pay for failure..

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I can understand your reason for wanting to discontinue Norton, but more than likely by clicking that link with any AV brand running may have still infected your system. Threats change daily, or even hourly. The best thing you can do is educate all your computer users in the family to be weary of clicking links in emails, even from friends.

For example, last week I had two friends whose yahoo mail accounts were compromised. I received emails from them with just a few words like "you have to check this out", and a link to strange domain name. I suspected something was wrong right away, and It turned the links did lead to a malicious domain hosting a Trojan. They had no idea their emails were being used for spam until I informed them of the situation. Most people just assume if an email is from a friend or trusted source, then it is deemed safe. That is no longer true these days.

To protect you and your family, you can use tools Like Norton Safe Web, for checking if a URL is safe or a threat.

As another layer of defense use the Norton DNS to block known malicious domains.

You should also look at this "Security Best Practice" guide. It talks about keeping your browser up to date, blocking Peer-to-Peer programs and more.

I hope this information is helpful. You can always PM me if you have more questions.

Good luck,


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I do thank you for your responses to my posts.. I know Norton cant stop everything...

I do take issue with some of the problems Ive had with Norton lately and I think that maybe because Im not updating Windows to 7 or Vista that there maybe some conflicts with how Norton interfaces with our comps..

We ended up having her computer wiped and reinstalled and will not continue with Norton after our subscription is up... She is using a different AV software now and when the sub is up I will probably do a wipe and reinstall just to get Norton cleaned out of my system.

I had issues once before when trying to uninstall Norton so Im not going there again..

I basically tryed everything that was suggested in this thread and none of it recognized ParetoLogic as a threat..

Thats pretty disappointing..

But, like I said.. thanks for trying to help and making yourself available to answer questions..

Hopefully Symantec will give you some sort of compensation for your time..

Thanks and take care.....

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Sorry to hear you are unhappy with Norton.

I have a few questions. Is the new AV product detectiing Paretologic as a threat? If so, what is the detection name?

Did you ever submit a sample to Symantec for analysis? Is so, do you have the tracking number?