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Help required to find Backup Path

Created: 19 Jun 2011 • Updated: 26 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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Dear Technical Experts,

I have Backupexec 2010 R2 In my environment.All my Remote server are connected to SAN Switch as well as teamed with 4 Gbps Network card.

I have LTO5 Tape library connected to SAN Switch,where i can see the library from any one my remote agents

Iam facing slowness in my Backups.I would like to know if my Backup data is flowing through Network card or through fibre(HBA Card).

Can i find out in  Backupexec ?Or Is there any third party tool to find out the dataflow.

Thanks in advance.

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The data will flow through the LAN from the client to the media server and then to the tape drive.  It will not go through the FC connection.

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Thanks for the reply.but how do i find the flow....Can i find it out in logs or enable debugging to find it.

Is it possible that we redirect the flow though HBA Card inorder to speed up the process.



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You cannot re-direct the backup data through the fibre connection.  The flow is pretty much fixed as I have described earlier.  If you want to backup your remote servers directly to the tape library through the FC, then you need to install a full copy of BE on each of them and also a copy of SSO on each of them so that you can share the library over the SAN.

If you are using only one media server, then you are stuck with the flow of data through the LAN.  If you have  multiple NIC's on your servers, you can set up a separate LAN which is dedicated to your backups and route your data through that LAN.

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Excllent  idea...I will try to discuss this...

Thanks for your answers..