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Help Required - Server to server and server to client definition update information.

Created: 08 Apr 2008 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 1 comment
Dear All,
This is my first post in any forum.
I am running SAVCE 10.1 MR6 server and about 250 clients at the same location, plus I have three secondary servers and about 10-15 clients connecting to each of them. I have a doubt in the definition update architecture and require help with the folowing questions:
1. What is the size of a definition update between two servers (primary and secondary) ?
2. Does Server to server update trasfer the complete xdb, or only the incremental definition is transferred ?
3. What is the size of a definition update between a client and their respective servers ?
Please, I would request all of you to help me with this.
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1 & 2:
If the secondary server has clients, it will transfer a full XDB, if it does not, I believe it will just send the incremental update. As your secondaries manage clients, they'll get the full XDB.

3. Depends ;)  If you update on a dialy basis, the update per client should be roughly 60 KB to a MB depending on how much data is in the definitions. We try to keep it on the smaller side (and usually succeed), but on a rare occasion, we'll peak over a MB.