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Help with "Retry Window" in SEP 12x Live Update

Created: 14 Aug 2013 | 3 comments

The help offered in SEP 12x shows the following description for the "Retry Window" option:  "Specifies the number of hours or days to keep trying to run LiveUpdate if the scheduled run of LiveUpdate failed for some reason...." 

I have LU scheduled to run daily at say 1:30AM with a radomization option set to 4 hours and a retry of 4 hours.  Does the "scheduled run" in the description above refer to the actual 1:30AM scheduled time or does it refer to the possiblity that the scheduled time for a device could be 5:30AM since it has a 4 hour randomization period, which would then mean that with the retry time of 4 hours, Live Update could actually take place at 9:30AM?

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The retry window setting means it will try to run for four hours, so will continue to try between 1:30-5:30

Same with the randomization. The client will try to download content during a random time within the window (1:30-5:30)

Randomizing content downloads from a LiveUpdate server

Article:HOWTO80890  |  Created: 2012-10-24  |  Updated: 2013-06-06  |  Article URL

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Frequency -

How frequently the management server downloads new content. Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager gets content updates from LiveUpdate every four hours.

Select download start time window -

If you select a Daily or Weekly download, you can select an interval for when the download starts.

Retry interval - 

The retry interval determines how often the management server tries to connect to the LiveUpdate server. The retry window determines how long the management server continues to try when the connection is unsuccessful.

Retry window -

Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager is unable to connect to LiveUpdate, it retries every 15 minutes for an hour.

Check these Articles:

Configuring the LiveUpdate download schedule for Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

Configure liveupdate to run on client computers - Part 1

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Mithun Sanghavi
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The liveupdate schedule determines when the liveupdate process starts.

If a liveupdate process is unable to successfully retrieve the information about the latest defenition available then it goes for the Retry Windows to determine how much longer it is going to keep trying to retrieve the information about the latest defenition from the symantec liveupdate server.

If a liveupdate process is able to successfully retrieve the information about the latest defenition available and if there is no new definition available then it goes for the next schedule.

If a liveupdate process is able to successfully retrieve the information about the latest defenition available and if there is a new definition available then it goes for the Randomization Windows to determine when to start downloading the latest definition file.

Yup, it is possible that the download might start around 9:30 AM, provided that the liveupdate was successfully able to retrieve the information about the latest defenition only around 5:30 AM and it picked a ramdomization of around 4 hours. But the chances of this condition is very very very very less.