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HELP! Symantec Issue

Created: 28 Sep 2013 | 11 comments


I'm running windows 7 and Symantec endpoint protection v11.0.6300.803. 

2 days ago my symantec stopped running and I wasn't able to turn it back on or do the update.  I figured I had a virus and tried reinstalled symantec but with no luck.

I've end up reinstalling my windows 7 and then sucessfully installed symantec. With the new installment my computer is very slow to start and each time I try to open anything on my laptop it takes several minutes to open. I've started s full symantec scan at 8:19am this morning  and the scan is still running at this moment 12:25pm and only scanned 714 files with no risk found.

Should I let the scan continue or cancel and try something else? If cancel what should I try next?

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.Brian's picture

Stop the scan and try running a repair on the client

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How do I run repair on client? I'm not familiar with that process. Also just a few seconds ago I looked to see where the current scan was at and I notice the scan was scanning a file called Sunshine Spy. I google sunshine spy and it's listed on the Norton/Symantec website as a download virus. I've downloaded nothing sincethe reinstallment of my windows 7 and symantec.

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Just in case it matters...I' running my version of symantec as unmanaged client.

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Go to add/remove programs

select Symantec endpoint protection

Select Modify.

Select Repair.


Do a full scan again.

if it fails to remove this virus then run the power eraser

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you have Windows 7 SP1, don't you?

If so, just note that it is supported by SEP 11.0.7000 and higher versions:



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Repair the SEP client and observe


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repairs have always worked for me when I experience and issue like this.  I've periodically seen warnings about SEP "malfunctioning" and the repair resolved the issue.

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Are you still facing the issue OR is the issue resolved?

It is always recommended to install the Latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.x in your network.

Check this Article:

About Maintaining Consistency of Software Versions throughout a SEP 11 Organization

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Senior Consultant

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DESIMNYC's picture

I reinstalled windows 7 and symantec and everything seems to be working correctly now. I'm not sure why I was having the issue I had before, but it might be that my DC jack was damaged and would sometimes shout down my laptop incorrectly.

Thanks to all that gave feedback and suggestions.

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Would recommend you to upgrade on the latest version SEP 12.1.3 as it has many fixes


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Are you still having problems?

Troubleshooting computer issues with the Symantec Help support tool

Article:HOWTO80839  |  Created: 2012-10-24  |  Updated: 2013-10-07  |  Article URL

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