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Help for Vmware virtualization

Created: 03 Jan 2012 | 2 comments

Can anyone help me for..vmware? i want to run online games inside the vmware.(12sky),

i already install the game but after x-trap, it terminates and promping up the error said " the games is not support by vmware"

anyone know the tricks how to works this game?

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Frankly, you are posting in the wrong place if you are seeking support information for VMWare - try

However, it only requires a few minutes of thought to determine that only very simple games are ever likely to work on VMWare, as VMWare, like many other virtual operating system environments, uses its own device drivers to emulate and interface with the hardware running on the host operating system. Consequently, any game that makes heavy use of the video card will only see a basic VGA driver and will report that the video performance is inadequate. From a licensing perspective, installing and activating a game on a VM might allow you to make clone copies of the VM which would facilitate software piracy, and as games producers work very hard to prevent piracy, checking that the game is not being installed on a VM is an obvious check to make.  Finally, VM performance is quite a lot slower than the host operating system, so any modern game is not going to run at any decent frame rate, even if you do manage to get around the other issues.

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I agree with EDt that you are posting in the wrong community as this is about Symantec.

What you are trying is to run the game 12sky in a Vm and that will not really fly as the videodriver used by VMware is not supporting what you want to do.

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