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Helpdesk 6.0 SP5 Timeout issues (TECH145515)

Created: 11 May 2012 | 1 comment


I am having the issues mentionned in TECH article 145515.  I am going to put in place the Business Rules to stop the comments from being bigger than 4000 caracters.  What I am wondering is how old tickets with more then 4000 caracters will affect the system?  I know that Symantec has a query to truncate everything but I want to know if we will still see timeout issues if these tickets are no longer accessed.

Is this issue still present with the new version of Helpdesk?


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Rob Moore's picture

as long as you do not try to access these tickets, you should not see the timeouts. Helpdesk does not run any planned events or scripts against the resting database, it only processes a ticket when you view it or try to edit it.

your best bet is to run the SQL query that only keeps the first 4000 characters of the ticket. In our environment, the problem comes with people sending in a long email chain, which gets added to the ticket. a few forwards or replys and the comments can get into the 8 or 9 k characters.

I have  stored procedure that keeps only the first 4000 chars of each comment on the tickets. I do this knowing most things after the 4K limit are likely repeated or unnecessary, but also knowing i may loose some information. However, if we do not prune these comments, the tickets are completely un-usable.