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HelpDesk passing different path for different resources

Created: 27 Feb 2013 • Updated: 04 Mar 2013 | 12 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We have a long standing issue with our HelpDesk server passing 2 different URLs for itself.  Users primarily access the server by going to but some of the resources have a url of http://ServerName.  Primarily it seems to be Images that are embedded in Incidents and Bulletins as well as the frame contents of Knowledge Base articles.  This is an issue because we are in a mixed environment with PCs and Macs and the Macs don't see the two URLs as equal and users get prompted to log in twice, once for each name.  The other issue is that users can't access Knowledge Base articles outside the network since http://ServerName only works inside the LAN (no matter what platform they are on).

It almost seems as though there are 2 variables for the root and we only got one changed.  Any ideas what needs to be udpated.

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What version of the helpdesk are you using? Or is this ServiceDesk?

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Do you have the preferred NS host set? And what is the "Authority"key set to in the Helpdesk Package registry key?

I've found that if these 2 don't both have the FQDN they you get these issues.

look in your CoreSettings.config for the following line:

<customSetting type="local" key="PreferredNSHost" value="< Enter the FQDN here " />

it's toward the bottom, and enter the FQDN here.

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That entry is missing from our CoreSettings.config.  I checked the Registry, are you referring to HKLM\Software\Altiris\eXpress\Helpdesk Package\Authority?  If so, ours is set to 'local' currently.

Would both need to be set to  Is there any specific location to set the value in the CoreSettings.config file?

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yes, both need to set to the same thing, and it will require you restart the Altiris service.

My core settings entry is the second to last line from the end of the page, in the section with the other CustomSettings. Just make sure you include the space between the last " and hte />, otherwise it wont work!


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Thanks, editing the coresettings.config file and editing that registry key appears to have fixed the issue with Knowledge Base frame contents but when embed images in Incidents and Bulletins it still uses http://ServerName instead of

Any other settings I need to check?

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 I've not found a way to change that, I tihnk it's built into the aspx itself.

I have a process I run against the database ever few hours, and one of the procedures replace the short name with the FQDN:

UPDATE  Workitem
SET     comment = CAST(REPLACE(CAST(comment AS NVARCHAR(MAX)),
                               'https://<FQDN>/') AS NTEXT)
WHERE   number IN ( SELECT  number
                    FROM    dbo.workitem
                    WHERE   comment LIKE '%https://<NetBiosName>%' )

you can save this as a Stored Procedure in your DB and have it scheduled to run ever hour or 2. Note the HTTPS - change it HTTP if you don't use SSL.


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Thanks for the heads up, I found in in the ASP.NET file as you suggested.

The file is UBBUploadImage.aspx

Change line 113 from

    urib = New UriBuilder(Request.Url.Scheme,DNS.GetHostName())


   urib = New UriBuilder(Request.Url.Scheme,"<FQDN>")

I don't know why they would use the GetHostName and fix it to the computer name instead of using a variable.  If someone knows the code well they may know a variable we can use instead of directly applying the string.  On my test box this appears to fix both the images embedded in Incident Comments and Bulletins.

On a side note, the fix for the KB can also be found at

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That is much cleaner that going through and changing using SQL! Thanks for finding the file!


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Any idea how to put the UBBUploadImage.aspx in the Custom.Config so I can do 'proper' customization?

<file id="UBBUploadImage" file="CustomUBBUploadImage.aspx" />

The string above isn't working to get it to pull from our custom\templates folder.

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All my customizations are to ASCX files, this one is ASPX, and it's really a small pop-up window. I don't know if you can customize it.

Helpdesk is EOL anyways, I don't think there will be anymore updates to the product, so I doubt there is a "danger" in changeing the file directly, just keep a backup copy somewhere just in case.


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Yah, when I use the 'proper' method my test server seems to hang.  I guess editing the original ASPX file in place is all you can do.