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Helpdesk "Server Application Unavailable" daily errors

Created: 09 Mar 2012 | 2 comments

OK folks.  I need help.  I have tried everyone except the Connect Community; Microsoft for IIS, Symantec for NS/Helpdesk.  I am hoping someone else has seen this error and has a fix or suggestion.

We had a Helpdesk physical server that we rebuilt a similarly fresh install on a VM server.  We installed the same solutions and then repointed the front end to the old database.

We currently get daily (or twice daily) "Server Application Unavailable" errors.  Memory runs up the 2 GB line and then we get the error.  Sometimes the AppPool recycles on its own and sometimes I have to do an IISRESET.  The time that the error occurs is not consistent.

I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING and am at the end of my line.  We are moving to ServiceDesk this year but need to get this annoying error resolved.

Here is my production server:

* Windows 2003 R2, Standard Edition, Service Pack 2

* VMware server, two dual cores, 4 GB memory

* SQL off-box.  SQL 2005 SP2 (SQL server hasn't changed - same Dell server when we had the physical front end)

* NS version 6.0.6074 (SP 3 + R13), Helpdesk version 6.0.308

*  75 Helpdesk Solution licenses

* IIS boot.ini change (

   Boot.ini line

   [boot loader]



   [operating systems]

   multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows Server 2003, Standard" /noexecute=optout /fastdetect /3GB /USERVA=3008

* IIS AeXHD AppPool setting - "recycle worker process at the following times" specifically set at 04:55 and 23:59

* IIS AeXHD AppPool setting - *unchecked* "Recycle worker process"

* Recently uninstall 49 solutions to reduce footprint but did not have a positive memory impact  to resolve the "Server Application Unavailable" errors.

* Our Helpdesk does use a custom.config and have some customizations in the code.  Most were in place when we had the physical hardware Helpdesk install.

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David_Falcon's picture

In my experience, Helpdesk has performed much better on a physical box rather a virtual.  Is there a reason you decided to take it virtual? 

Also, I know they haven't release an update to HD in quite a while, are you on the most up to date version?

Rob Moore's picture

Virtual is usually not the issue, we've been on a virtual server for 3 years and HD has never been faster.

We had a problem like this a few years ago. The synch from the NS AD users to the HD was running a query that was brinign back so much data it cuased the SQL server to thow an error, which in turn caused tha Alert Manager to abend. This cuased the app pool to recycle, and thus the Server Application Unavailable.

It was happening on a fairly repeatable schedule, which is what led us to check the SQL server.

First thing to do is try and find any scheduled event that is happening at or around the time the error occurs. Have your DBA's set up tracing or logging to see if there are any run-away queries.

Next check for any scheduled tasks that may be causing high ustilization.

You'll have to checks the logs too, and you may have to look back 30 to 45 minutes, as sometimes it takes that long before an error pops up!