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Helpdesk Task - User interface option explanation

Created: 01 Oct 2013 • Updated: 10 Oct 2013 | 3 comments
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When you setup a Task in Helpdesk 6.0 to create a new incident there is an option I can't seem to find any information on.  When you first create a Task it is labeled 'When this task runs:' but when you go back and edit a Task it is labeled 'User interface:'.  The options are:

Give the user a chance to edit the incident
Commit the incident and display the View Incident page
Display the response report

I can't find anything explaining what they each do.  Most of our Tasks use the 'Commit the incident and display the View Incident page' option but it causes an error in certain circumstances.  If we change it to 'Give the user a chance to edit the incident' the task works without errors.

What is the Difference?

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"Give the user a chance to edit the incident" does nothing else but setting up the values you define in the task and puts the ticket into EDIT mode, so that the agent/worker can review everything, do additional changes and then save the ticket manually.

"Commit the incident and display the View Incident page" does the changes/actions defined in the task an actually saves the ticket automatically as well.

"Display the response report" is only interesting, if your task is calling  a web service as then you can see what the external webservice responded.

There is many different reasons why commiting=saving will not work with a given task. For this it would be good, if you could provide a screenshot of the task.
The other question is: If you set the option to "Give the user a chance to edit the incident". Can the user/agent just press the SAVE button and all is good, or does he actually still do some changes to the ticket?

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The Task we have this set on simply creates a new incident/ticket.  Maybe that is why the Commit option causes error, there isn't an incident to save the change to.  From your description it may be that Commit option that is selected now leaves the ticket open for the user to edit simply because it can't immediately Commit the change to anything?  I mainly needed to know that there wasn't some nuanced function being performed that would make us want to keep it set this way.

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The "Commit" option is usually used, when performing "standard" tasks on tickets to follow a process line.

For example if you want to change the status of a ticket to "resolved", the close code to "Closed successfully via phone" and the type to "Standard Support", after a customer has confirmed that their issue has been resolved, you can simply close the ticket with a single mouse click.

For new ticket creation it only makes sense, if you use Tasks as sort of ticket templates to pre-populate specific fields in the ticket.