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Here is the KB with what should be backed up before any update

Created: 30 Apr 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 3 comments
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Here is the KB with what should be backed up before any update

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With the exception of the eventarchive, the rest are quite straightforward. On our SIM, there is no default sub folder under the eventarchive folder. What we have is a numeric value, so the folder structure looks something like this


The 05 I know stands for the month and the 01 is for the day, but what does the 293800 stand for? Also, I plan to write a script to backup the eventarchive folder by month, but I'm concerned that if I hardcode the 293800, it may change?

Appreciate any advice on this issue pls.

Tks in advance


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That value is the ID of the Archive.   In SSIM 4.5, when an archive is created, it is given a unique ID.  These are non-editable values.  One archive  and associated ID is created per appliance.  This value will not change.
Note:  In SSIM 4.6, the archives will be placed in folders based the path the user creates to the Archives.  You can also have up to 16 archives created per appliance in 4.6.