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Hi, problem with volume pool

Created: 26 Nov 2012 • Updated: 26 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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Using windows server with Netbackup

After tapes removed from  robot still can see it both on volume pool used for the backup job  and also  volume group "standalone"

Shouldn't it be automatically only at standalone volume group?

Tried to update robot via inventory nothing help's



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What you are seeing is correct.

Media will always be in both a Volume Group (Robot or Standalone) and a Volume Pool - one's a physical location (VG) the other a logical location (VP)

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Thanks for yor answer, so, in order to see only the media currently in robot can I move the wriiten tapes to other volume pool? can it be done automatically if any?



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can I move the wriiten tapes to other volume pool?

No you can't move assigned media.

If you want to only see media within a robot you can click on the robot  (TLD(0) or TLD(1)) or the Volume Groups a little further down or you can use the filter option to filter out the rows you want to see in the GUI (CTRL-T)

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You need to read up on difference between Volume Pool and Volume Group.

Volume Pool is used to identify the type of data on the media. This remains the same regardless of location of media.

Volume Group is used to identify location of media - robotic or Standalone (non-robotic).

See this section in NBU Admin Guide II:

Volume pool and volume group examples
The following three examples show the relationship between volume pools and
volume groups.

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