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Hi, We use Symantec

Created: 01 Jun 2013 | 7 comments


We use Symantec Management Console 7.1, we are able to capture image and all that fun stuff, though when is time to deploy the image to a System, after the deploy, the remaining tasks failed.

Seems like the sysprep performed after the image deploy takes longer and Altiris doesn't realize that the sysprep isn't finished, tried modifying the unattended.xml though the problem persist.

We have the option to make the image deploy in 2 steps, though I would like to avoid it.

Here is the job that we have,

Reboot to automation - Passed

deploy image - Passed

reboot to production - Passed

Rename work station - Failed

Add to Domain - Failed

After the deploy image, the PC works on the sysprep that is why I assume that the job fails. If we ran the Rename work station and add to domain on a separate job, they do run without any issues.

Any ideas will be highly appreciated.

Thank you !

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Hi Mofeta,

Couple of quick things to get more info so we can isolate where the problem here might lie....

1) On your deployed computer, are the network drivers installed? Can the browse the Internet for example

2) Is your symantec management agent up and running (i.e. do you have a new GUID, have you sent inventory and configuration updates)?

Kind Regards,

Ian Atkin, IT Services, Oxford University, UK

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Mofeta's picture

Hi Ian,

Yes the network drivers are installed, in fact we have a full updated production image, removed it from the domain and captured the image with Altiris.

The agent is installed and working with out any issues. We are able to send updates, install software etc.

Thank you,


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Hi Mofeta,

Have been delayed by the day job here... sorry for that and I'm going to be working into this evening on server builds.

Could you do me a favour and tell me what happens if you have different task after the production boot? Something simple like a file copy... and then the rename computer...

Ian Atkin, IT Services, Oxford University, UK

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Hi Ian,

My apologies for the delay, we are struggling with a team that is having issues with their tools and needed to turn off altiris cause apparently is killing their systems.

Hope I can get it back in the next couple of days after I can show that it ain't Altiris the problem :-).

Thank you,

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There's a possibilitiy that the computer is coming up into production and reporting in as a new computer.  Look for the CURRENT name in the console - not the name you want it to go to.  For instance, right-click on Computer and select Properties, find the computer name, and see if that name is in the console.  If so, see if there are any jobs assigned.  if not, then it's not the same as the old computer.  Go find the original name, see if the jobs were assigned to that one instead.  If you have 2 records in the console for the same system, that may relate to something we're currently troubleshooting.

Ensure that you're on the latest release of the product either way.  We have some other issues that cause a failure after reboot to production that have been fixed in I think the V3 rollup for 7.1 SP1 MP1.1.  It had to do with DS launching the agent too soon so that things would attempt to run during MiniSetup and fail on a forced reboot.  If this is happening, you'll actually see it in the logs for that system.  For instance, you say the rename fails.  OK - you open up the agent logs, look at the time the task failed and/or should have run in the logs, and see if it received the task.  If it received the task, and then soon after a shutdown happened (shows in the agent logs as well) then you ran into this issue.

Good luck.  Keep us posted.

Thomas Baird
Enthusiast for making things better!

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Hi Ian,

I added the copy file task to the job though the rename and join to domain still failed.


Looked for the PC name and still the one that we are using, no changes there since the rename task failed.

We have the latest version installed as well as SP.


the issue that I have is when I deploy the image, not when it gets captured, once deployed the task rans a sysprep that is taking longer and Altiris doesn't realize that the task is running.

Thank you everyone for the support and interest.