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Hide Send email link in process actions

Created: 19 Mar 2013 | 8 comments


I want to hide the send email link into process action, in the SD incident view on any process view pages.

In  the service desk 7.1 that was possible, within the changing process type actions.

is there  a similar solution for version 7.5?


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i don't believe you're able to make adjustments to the main incident management project without losing supportability.

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In 7.5 The Send Email link gets displayed regardless of whether you have applicable email templates or not (this is a change in how it previously behaved - I believe it was hidden when there were no applicable templates)

In 7.5, if a user clicks the Send Email action, and there are no email templates available, a banner displays at the top of the popup virtual window indicating such.

(too long, didn't read version) It's not possible to hide it, it's added via code.

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Please tell us that email form is being overhauled for the Apollo release and we can edit it and it's a process action. The current form is horrible (can't send to external users, can't set the order for the templates, can't set default template, variables show up in the email, etc) and is one of the reasons why we're waiting as I would have to build a new email workflow to replace it.

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building a workflow process to email when a ruleset fires works really well.  the template isn't very great, agreed, but putting a "call workflow" action in the automation rules was a decent idea. i prefer it to templates anyways for state change notifications.

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Rulesets are fine and most of the time it's better to do since you have a limited set of variables to choose from anyways in the templates but it's the main email form that I have major issues with. The inability to email external contacts is confusing and why would they build the form to restrict that especially in a ServiceDesk product that requires contacting external users. Can you imagine if you put in a troubleshooting ticket to the Symantec Support portal and they couldn't email you back because there was no option to do so in the ticketing system?

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I'm not aware of any modifications specifically being done to the e-mail form window. As far as the variables showing up in the e-mail that issue has been addressed and will be part of the ServiceDesk 7.5 MP1 release.

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HI Tyler,

Another issue is that the form isn't consistent with the rest of things in the system. There is no autocomplete when you type in the name of the recepient or group and I think that the group should be a drop-down as users usually don't know the name of the groups. Yes they can do a search but it's just more tedious than being to look at a drop-down list but that's just my opinion.

Sending an email should be quick to do and I think this form makes things longer to do than necessary. I think that there is a lot of improvements that can be made to the form and a lot of them are simple ones. Is there a reason why the email form is locked down and can't be accessed to edit?

Here's a quick mock up of what I would have liked to see in a new Send Email form as it would have the following features and this is of course based on my opinion:

  • Ability to set the default template
  • Ability to add CC email address or even BCC
  • Ability to add external emails
  • Add queue to the emails as I think it would be better than groups, for our environment anyways. It will also keep the consistency that users see the queue names in the reassignments and not group names
  • Ability to add To and CC emails without even using the drop-downs for power users

Send Email Mock Up.png

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Does this also mean that we cannot use Office 365 with Service Desk 7.5 as all mails will be sent to the cloud? Or is this a wrong assumption?

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