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Hide server in a managed backup exec

Created: 09 Aug 2012 | 4 comments
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I have an scenario that i have one Bkp Exec 2012 with enterprise option ( CASO ) and one managed server for now, but in the future it will have 8 more Bkp Exec sites being managed by CASO

The only problem is : I can see the servers in the managed server in BOTH sites. Is there a way to HIDE it from the managed Backup Exec Console ?

Heres what i want :

CASO = All Sites

Site 1 = Only site 1 Servers

Site 2 = Only site 2 Servers


Thank you !!

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I doubt if this can be done! indecision

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Why use a centrally managed option if you intend to hide the servers making them locally managed.

Also if you could hide them how would you create centrally managed jobs, as once they are hidden there would be no way to create a job.

BTW you can't hide them and almost certainly never will be able to hide them.

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Thank you for the answer

well, i will explain

I have a client who wants to manage the backup in all Sites, but he doesn´t want to let the other exployes see all the servers with agent, only in their site

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Role based amin is not yet a feature of the product (although to be honest having multiple users with the same role but seeing different server lists has not been mentioned as a role based requirement anyway.)

Are your end users logging into the CASO server or only logging in locally to each MMS?

Are you talking about each local user can see each MMS or can they see each remote server within each site that needs to be backed up?

Note I still have a feeling that you can't currently do what you are asking as it appears to be a somewhat unusual request and is unlikely to be part of the product design. As such you may have to fully explain what you can see and what you don't want to see as part of an Ideas submission (Using Create Content --> Idea) at the top of these forums. It might then be considerd for a future version. Howeve this won't help you with your current requirements.