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High Availability for Single Tier

Created: 04 Aug 2014 | 5 comments
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Hi All,

We have a tender and it need High Availability. So i like to know whether for the Single Tier setup, does it support HA setup?  if yes, please advise how?  can we use our SFHA?

This is very urgent, hope the product team or anyone know can advise.

thanks, Lerence

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The definition of single tier is that it all lives on a single machine so therefore would not be HA.  You will want to investigate one of the more robust options to provide the HA you are looking for.

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In the single tier setup to achieve HA you would typcially place the entire system inside a VM and then provide the HA from the VM level. This however does not work for the single tier install becuase Oracle does not support their database software on a VM. In order to get HA you would hav to go to at least a two tier setup to be in a supported configuration.

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At which point you would like HA?

Database level? Possible if Oracle has any HA procedures, but don't think DLP will recommend it. There's no information about it in the Oracle Installation Guide.

Endpoint Server? Possible. Just having two Endpoint Server set up and direct the agents installed to different groups, and these groups be applied to each server specificly.

Single Tier itself is joining both roles in one server. This is a total different scenario.

Hope it helps!

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No, Single tier will not help you if u r planing for High Availability.

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Veritas Cluster Server is the only supported HA solution, although there are other methods (non-supported). Please see the attached PDF. It is page 42 from the System Requirements guide for 12.5, both Oracle and the Enforce Server are supported.

Documentation on completing the setup comes from the Information Availabilty side.


If this solves your query, please mark as resolved.

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