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Home Folder total endpoint problem

Created: 23 Feb 2013 | 5 comments
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i was wondering why when we logon to the SEPM console via web or from the server itself, the total endpoints displayed is not the REAL total endpoints installed from the server.. This is regardless on what account is we are using.

We have a current machines installed with 500 clients but from the home tab, sometimes it says the corrent number, sometimes lesser than 500. No endpoints is being deleted or uninstalled.

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Check same issue thread and pete comments


home page displays last 12 hours information by default and maximum upto last 24 hours.

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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It is not a real time count. Machines may be powered down or not reporting into the SEPM so this count may not be accurate at times.

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Clear log data from the database manually and then Check it again.

  1. To prevent an automatic sweep of the database until after a backup occurs, increase a site's log size to their maximums.

  2. Perform the backup, as appropriate.

  3. On the computer where the manager is installed, open a Web browser and type the following URL:


    After you have performed this task, the log entries for all types of logs are saved in the alternate database table. The original table is kept until the next sweep is initiated.

  4. To empty all but the most current entries, perform a second sweep. The original table is cleared and entries then start to be stored there again.

  5. Return the settings on the Log Settings tab of the Site Properties dialog box to your preferred settings.


Ajit Jha

Technical Consultant


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Hi Ajit,

the database is located on an external SQL database.

would the backup be performed from the SEPM side or from the SQl management wizard?

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if you do from SEPM the backup will be saved under backup folder. From SQL you can back it up to anyware. The home tab shows only 24 hours info only so most of the times it may not be accurate while few servers will be off / not communicating in that 24 hour interval