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Created: 09 Jun 2011 | 1 comment


I am trying to find a way to use PCAnywhere efficiently as there are a large number of hosts to be managed simutaneously at my workplace, I a wondering if there is a way to control logins and passwords without having to actually remote to the machines, kind of like a list computers > accounts > change password, etc.

An example of why this needs to be done is lets say I have 128 hosts set up on machines which I'm allowing atleast 1 intern to access each and I don't have time to reset all passwords after all the interns have left, is there an efficient way similar to what I mentioned above?

Thank you,

Mohamed Khelifi

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Use Active directory for your user account that way you just change the users that are in that group or users in the group change there credentials at a domain level. 

If you machines are not on a domain then that is a problem and you will need to look at scripting a replacement of the host and caller files.   If you keep the name of the host the same you don't need to change the registry keys just the BHF and CIF files.  

The host administrartor tool is interesting but not as useful in real world.   In pcAnywher solution all managment is taken care of on the Altiris Notification server (Now called Symantec Managment Console) But this will require your clients to be on the same network.

Hope that helps


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