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Host Integrity check failed - "Low_Disk_Space" failed because of an internal error in the client

Created: 04 Nov 2013 | 10 comments
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I am using Symantec End Point Protection AV on my laptop. Version 12.1.3001.165.
Updates are installed every day.
Couple of days back i have been getting an error as follows; Tried several options such as resintall etc. No use.
Available space in my C drive is 8GB. Please help


Host Integrity check failed
  Requirement: "Low_Disk_Space" failed because of an internal error in the client
  Requirement: "Verify SEP definitions Age and run SepLiveUpdate" passed
  Requirement: "SCCM Services Start Only" passed

INFO: HI script registered scrrun.dll for supporting HI script correct functionality

Condition: Host Integrity installed.
An error occurred.
Error: unknown.
[Details: Failed to create "Scripting.FileSystemObject". Please update WSC libraries]

Requirement name: "Low_Disk_Space".
--- Start checking requirement conditions ---.

Condition: File executed successfully.
Condition was checking "Diskspace.vbs".
'g_ObjFS' is null or not an object

Requirement name: "Low_Disk_Space".
Result is fail.

Requirement name: "Verify SEP definitions Age and run SepLiveUpdate".
--- Start checking requirement conditions ---.

Condition: Antivirus signature file is up to date.
Result is pass.
Condition was checking "Symantec Endpoint Protection".

Requirement name: "Verify SEP definitions Age and run SepLiveUpdate".
Result is pass.

Operating Systems:

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These are from my laptop that runs the EndPoint Protection Client, once i navigate to Logs Area

Laptop runs Windows 7

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Seems like you have Host integrity policies set.. can you double check that?

Does your laptop name has any special charector like % or ?  

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No it doesnt have any special chars. And there was no error reported until about 5-6 days ago which coincided with a SEP patch install. Not sure if both are related

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If you open the SEP interface what are the componets do you see?

it will be Antivirus/ antispyware

Truscan or Proactive threat protection

Network threat protection.

do you have all three components installed? or Do you also have Network access Control

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I see 'Status', 'Scan for Threats', Change Settings, Quarantine, View Logs, Live Update

Components installed are Virus and Spyware protetction, Proactive Threat Protection, Network ThreatProtetction and Network Access Control

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Try View Logs >> under Network Access Control select View Logs and view either the System or Security log

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NAC is an additional component with SEP, this will check for configured policies based on that it will allow or reject your machine while connecting to the domain.

Policies are defined by your admin.

Logs will show you what policies is checking those predefined checks.

You may need to check with your Admin.