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Host Property settings in Netbackup

Created: 27 Apr 2012 • Updated: 29 Apr 2012 | 5 comments
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Hi All,

I used to work on Netbackup a few months back.  As of now, I am not actually working on Netbackup, but out of interest in the same, I was refering to the Release Notes of Netbackup 7.5.  I am not quite comfortable with the concept of Host Properties.  When I say that I am not comfortable, I actually mean I am unable to understand the concept.  What is it actually?  When we make changes in the host properties settings, what are the actual changes that are happening?  In the notes, I came across a statement that says that the default settings of Host Properties do provide satsifactory results.  If that is the case, what are the manual changes that are done and what are the advantages of the same.

Request help in understanding this concept.



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If you look in the host properties, you will see the changes that can be made.

There are many different settings including:

Timeout settings

Logs settings

Media settings

Cleanup settings

NDMP Settings

Network settings

You need to go and look - then you will easily see what the settings are that can be made.  

If you see 'options' you do nit understand, click on the ''Help ' button and you will see some very good documentation explaing how the settings work.


Regards,  Martin
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Martin has explained this well. Host settings are there to configure individual hosts for specific netbackup settings.

You may have an issue with 1 client or server and need to make alterations to the way it works (timeouts/media settings etc) or the logs so you can identify or solve a specific issue. That is why Host Properties are there. Plain and simple.

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In addition to previous excellent posts - Host Properties is not new to 7.5. They have always been there and have always been very well documented in the Admin Guides.

Changing values will update the particular setting on the server or client that you have selected.
If Unix/Linux, it will update the bp.conf entry. If the entry did not exist (because it was at the default), it will add an entry.
If Windows, it will add/update entry in NBU registry CurrentConfig.

For example, if you add a new media server to the environment, you can use Host Properties to add new SERVER entry to master, other media servers and all clients.

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Following on from the oustanding posts from Marianne and Revaroo ....

I am very pleased to present:

'Martins top-tip' of the day.

Looking in the host properties, we see lots of exciting things we can play with  ...

If there is no issue with your NBU environment, do not start playing with settings 'unless' you have a specific reason for doing so.


Regards,  Martin
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Hi Dear Friends,

Thanks a lot for giving me a good insight in Host properties.  I am actually preparing for an interview in netbackup and all the posts have been really very helpful in understand the concept.

Thanks once again.