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hostname not shown completely in diskid

Created: 28 Apr 2013 • Updated: 05 May 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Dear fellows,

Does you ever meet such issue that hostname does not shown completely in diskid ?

The hostname is "jccmsdb2", but vxdisk list or vxpriutil show only "jccmsdb" in diskid and hostid.

root@jccmsdb2:/tmp<mailto:root@jccmsdb2:/tmp># vxdisk list disk320

Device: disk320

devicetag: c523t0d676

type: auto

hostid: jccmsdb                                                                        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

disk: name=oggdg2 id=1366354054.356.jccmsdb                  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

timeout: 30

pftostate: enabled

group: name=oggdg id=1366354095.378.jccmsdb                 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

oot@jccmsdb2:/tmp<mailto:root@jccmsdb2:/tmp># /etc/vx/diag.d/vxprivutil list /dev/rdisk/disk320

diskid: 1366354054.356.jccmsdb                                           <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

group: name=oggdg id=1366354095.378.jccmsdb                <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

flags: private autoimport cds

hostid: jccmsdb                                                                       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

version: 3.1

iosize: 512

There is length limitation for hostname of hostid and diskid ?

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rsharma1's picture

Your observation is correct -there is a eight-character limit, and this could be a problem if your other nodes in the cluster are named jccmsdb3/4 and so on - the disk ids from all thse nodes could be same after truncating to eight characters.

For hostnames with 8 characters or more you must set the HP-UX tunable expanded_node_host_names to 1. (Default is 0). Starting with SFHA 6.0.1,  the product installer advises you to set this tunable if it detects that the hostname is 8 characters or more on HPUX.

Also: ensure that the hostid in the /etc/vx/volboot matches the hostname command output.

If they differ, look for the steps under 'Veritas Volume Manager System Name' in the following link:

stinsong's picture

Thanks rsharma1. 

I've test the solution. It's as same as hostid in /etc/vx/volboot. But even without set expanded_node_host_names to 1, hostid could be setup larger than 8 characters with hostid in /etc/vx/volboot.