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Hot Catalog Backup

Created: 28 Feb 2013 • Updated: 22 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
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I have started getting an error message on my image cleanup jobs.

"warning bpdbm(pid=7696) Hot catalog backup is not configured for 'ndumgt001', catalog cleanup will return partial success until catalog backup is configured"

Nothing has changed on my system. I am new to NBU and have been doing this job for 2 months now. I have been learning on the job with the help of contributors to this forum. There are 2 catalog jobs configured in a policy Catalog_Backup. One is a Vault catalog Backup and the othe is Full. I have 2 questions. Why have I started getting this error message about Hot Catalog backup. I have looked this up and NBU and above is supposed to be hot catalog by default. Also why is there also a full backup schedule in my catalog policy? All help will be appreciated as always.

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Also my vault job is giving me an error Vault does not duplicate Hot Catalog images. Is this not a conflict? If I have hot catalogs then I cannot vault them?

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please post the detail status of the image cleanup jobs.

how your catalog backup running, does it getting succesfull with 0 for both Vault driven schedule and regular full schedule?

more important:-

why your catalog backup policy is showing deactivated?

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Details are attached. and yes the catalog for both the vault and full are successful.

I have decativated all policies because the shared files being backed up are on a cluster. and we had a hiccup and the cluster node failed over. all my jobs showed as incomplete. i resumed the jobs. at the end of the day the jobs were still running. i did not want the daily to run into the full. that is why i deactivated them the jobs completed this morning. i started the weekly vault so i could get the backups on tape. after that finishes i will activate all the policies.

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you does not need to deactivate the catalog backup policy first go ahead and activate catalog policy 

and see the next image clean up job.

if it still got failed, then provide me the detail status of the failed image clean up job.