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Hotfix installation time

Created: 13 Jun 2013 | 2 comments

OK, one of my (many) annoyances with PM  is that it takes a while to update a machine once a new image is deployed.

But I got this from support.

Check the policy > Settings > Agents/Plug-ins > Software > Patch Management > Windows > Default Software Update Plug-in Policy.
If there is configured a 24h schedule window the appropriate clients should install the required software updates as soon as the "Altiris Software Update Agent" is installed. But please note it can take a little time (a few minutes) if the Altiris Software Update Agent" is up and running after the installation of the Symantec Management Agent.

Se essentially they are saying as soon as the PM agent  is on that machine then the patches should be downloaded and isntalled withing a couple of minutes. Not my experience. Is this correct ?

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My understanding of the process would be:

Install base Symantec Management Agent and send Basic Inventory. The Software Update (Patch) plug-in will then only get installed once the agent updates its config after the filters and targets have updated and the plug-in install Policy applied.

Then the Windows Assessment scan has to run and the Patch filters update on the seperate Patch Filter update interval. Then the patches will be applied at the next Agent update and installed on the next software update schedule.

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Thats what I though but apparently the support guy thinks its downloaded as soon as the Patch agent is installed. Note to self. Take what support says with a pinch of salt! :-)