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House Keeping for LUA updates files.

Created: 06 Apr 2008 • Updated: 21 Jul 2010 | 6 comments
Hey guys,
any advice on how will we be able to manage all the download update in LUA as i notice my LUA server keep a huge size of updates files.
Best Regards,
Dylan Mak

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Not sure what version you are using but we've made changes in recent releases to address this. The initial release is retaining unlimted revisions.
In preferences you can tell LUA how many revisions of updates you want to keep. Typically we advise setting this between 5 revisions, or 1-2 days. Symantec refreshes Virus Definition content several times a day depending on the product.
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Hi Eoghan,
What the current latest stable release version of LUA?
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Hi, the latest version (that I am aware off) is
Hope this helps!
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Indeed, we just released 2.1.3.


You can either update automatically to the latest version using the LiveUpdate link in the upper right hand corner of the console or download the full product


For Updates downloaded and stored in our database, indeed you should configure to keep only the # of revisions that you need. The large amount of updates coming down is directly attributed to Virus Definitions. For 2.1.3 and below we don't give you much choice when it comes to selecting a specific type of Virus Definition (32 bit vs 64 bit as an example) so you are forced to receive 80-130 MB's of new Virus Definitions every 8 hours (if you take Symantec Endpoint Protection as an example). For 2.2 we will be allowing you to have more control over this and as such you should be able to reduce this right down to approx 30 MB's every 8 hours.


Let's talk about Distribution: LUA when it pushes out new Virus Definitions (a new revision) it does not remove the replaced updates automatically. We have got a setting that will allow LUA to purge extraneous updates at a location. This is configured through Configure > Preferences "Purge updates in Distribution Centers".. This is currently set to Monthly. I would increase this to daily.  If you leave it at Monthly and you downloading and distribution new Virus Definitions daily the amount of unwanted or obsolete updates sitting on a location server could be 10 Gigs or more before the monthly purge schedule kicks in and purges it.


We would like in the future to introduce intelligent monitoring that, as an example, would monitor the state of content in each location and take appropriate actions when required to keep the location in sync, i.e. remove unwanted updates.


 Hope this helps!

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I'm currently running version of LUA.  I have the purge settings set to daily (keep 3 revisions back), but have items in the clu-prod directory from 8/09 (25GB).  I've altered the purge settings to no affect and we continue to run out of space on our disks.  When I go into LiveUpdate, it says there's no update to Live Update Administrator, so I've downloaded the latest version (2.2.2) manually.  What is the best course of action to correct the problems I'm having?