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How to access File Backup created from another computer

Created: 25 Nov 2013 • Updated: 25 Nov 2013 | 4 comments
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I have two computers, each with their own version of Symantec System Recovery 2011.

Each computer creates 2 backups: 1) a full image backup 2) a file backup of certain critical document containing directoris

The idea here of course is that if it's not a total sytem failure and there's just a problem with some of the documents, then the file backup can be used.

This may seem like a very simple question, but what I need to know is this:

How can I view and restore files created by Computer 1 from the SSR2011 software on Computer 2?

To clarify, let's say Computer 1 has the File and Folder backup of a folder "Data". On our NAS, the backup is created but of course it's the symantec propritary file thing "fbffiles". Let's say Computer 1 completely breaks down, but I don't want to restore an image of Computer 1 to a new computer, I just want to access the folder "Data" from Computer 2. I go to SSR2011 on Computer 2, but when I click on "Recover Files" the only files I see is those backed up from Computer 2 (which are also stored on the NAS under a different directory), nothing from Computer 1. So how do I recover files from Computer 1 to Computer 2?

Thank you!

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I was able to do this by doing: "Granular Restore Option" then selecting "Use Restore files for another Computer" and then going to the folder than contains the images from Computer 1. However, the way our backup schedule is set up it only does the image backup 1x/week but the file backup 1x/day. So the File and Folder backup for Computer 1 is the most recent. I would like to use the same "use restore files for another computer' but for File and Folder restore option, NOT the Granular Restore Option"

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Thank you that makese sense. I actually tried that option but it was taking so long I thought it was actually COPYING the files, so I aborted it. But I now understand it's just "reading" them.

Quick follow up:

If I import that backup destination once, will I have to import it every time the backup changes? In other words, when the nightly Computer 1 "Data" backup runs, will Computer 2 recognize it (because the destination has been imported and it will track it just like its own backup?

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I believe the import is a one-off process so it would need to be run again to ensure it includes any files backed up after running the import.