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How to assign job task to backup to individual tape

Created: 03 May 2010 • Updated: 06 Jun 2010 | 16 comments
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I have tried to read all the possible methods in this forum how to assign task to backup to the tape. But I unable to proceed further.
Kindly need someone to guide me,as is my 1st time to do this.

I using IBM autoloader tape library and my backup exec is 12.5

I have created one job schedule that backup my data daily from monday to friday.
In my tape library, i got five tape that label from monday to friday.
I have created 5 partitions.

Is it possible that one job schedule to backup to individual tape?
I want:
= monday data to go to monday tape
= tuesday data to go to tuesday tape
= or the way to friday.
Then repeat the process again.

Kindly give me advice how to do it.

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RahulG's picture

You would need to Create partition in your library
And then create seprate job with same selection list just pointing it to seperate partition
You can right click on your Library and selected configure partiton
and click on each slot  to create partitions
Then you have to create backup job accordingly for each day and target the job accorginly
You can target the job to a specific slot from the Device tab in the backup job properties
Eg Monday Job --Target to Slot 1
     Tuesday Job --Target to slot 2

sazz.'s picture

In the job select the "device and media" tab and depending upon the job select the device from the drop down. Eg. for monday job drop down the device tab and you will find the monday slot.
In this case only monday job will go to monday slot only.

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So I unable to create one job schedule to assign the job to individual tape is it?

That mean i need to create five job schedules( mon to fri ) to backup to individual tape (from mon to fri)  is it?

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From what I understand, if i assigning Media to Backup Job, i able to create media rotation that I only need to create one job schedule.
Kindly advise me if i misunderstood the concept of media roatation.

RahulG's picture

If you Create media set with correct overwrite protection period and append period ,you just have to create one Job .
But you need to keep an eye on you backups that is writes to the correct tape .

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Since you are very particular about Monday's job writing to the Monday tape, and so forth, you cannot make full use of the media management capability of BE.

Let say, you do not have this requirement, you then do the following

1) Have no partition or a partition with at least 5 slots.

2) Put your 5 tapes in the library (no partition) or in the partition created in Step 1.

3) Create a media set with overwrite protection period of 4 days and associate your tapes with this media set.

4) Create a backup job targeting the media set created in Step 3

and that is it.

Since your tapes are previously used, the first time you run your job, it will use the oldest recycleable tape in the media set.  It may be the tape in slot 3.  The next day, the oldest tape may be in slot 2 and your job will use that and so on.  Of course, you can arrange the tapes nicely in order of age in the slots before your first job.
usersky's picture

I follow ur method to create the media set but under properties for the append period shld I enter 1/weeks.
And overwrite protection period i have enter 4/weeks.
As for the overwrite protection level is set to partial.

Is this setting okay?

pkh's picture

If you want to have one day's data on one tape, then you should set

OPP = 5 days

APP = 1 hour

In the job properties, under Device and Media, set When this job begins to Overwrite Media

usersky's picture

If i choose overwrite media, don't the old "monday" data will be overwrite by new "monday" data.
Or shld I say it will replace the old data with new data. Will it take more time.

Ken Putnam's picture

If i choose overwrite media, don't the old "monday" data will be overwrite by new "monday

This is where the OPP comes in.  if you have space on your disk for say three weeks of data, then set the OPP for the media set to 20 days, and from tools\Options\Media Management, select  "Use Overwriteable media in the target media set before Scratch media"

If you choose the other option, "Use scratch media before overwritable media in the target media set"  BackupExec will continue to create new BKF files as long as there is space available on the disk before re-using BKF files, reagardless of the OPP

And I strongly recommend all Overwrite jobs when writing to disk.  No Append jobs


Sorry, my rsponse was directed to disk jobs.  Yes for Tape jobs, a second overwrite to the same tape will effectively erase the earlier data

If this response answers your concern, please mark it as a "solution"

pkh's picture

Or shld I say it will replace the old data with new data. Will it take more time.

There is no additional time as the old data just overwrite the old one.

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The best option to achive this is creating a partition as the backup would run just to that specific partion and will not write to any other tape in the other slots . Or you can simply create one partition and one backup job which points to that partition and you just need to make sure that you put monday tape on monday and tuesday tape on tuesday ---and so on

usersky's picture

thanks for ur advice, i know that if i created five different job schedule to assign to their respective five tape is more safety.

But I just want to find out a way whether I can create one job schedule that run daily able to backup to their respective five tape or not?

RahulG's picture

As Pkh suggested you can create the media set  6 days opp and 0 days append
so every week the same tape would get overwrtten
In tools --option --Media mangement
make sure you have the correct options selected to overwrite recylable media before scratch media .
Set the backup to overwrite the tape when it Runs ..
Once you Start iplementing the stratergy move all the tape to Scratch media and then let the job run accoring to schedule and check if it picks of the new tape every day .

But still creating partition is is good option to archive a backup job to write on a particular tape ...
And creating multiple job would be easy as you just need to copy the same job and change the name for the job and the pariton ..

usersky's picture

Thanks for ur advice.

I will try out both methods that you want pkh have suggested to me, to see which one suit me the best.
As is my first time using this software to backup, i still gt a long way to fully master this software.